Winners Of 1 Year Worth Of Bella’s Depilux™ Hair Free System


In our recent collaboration with Bella Skin Care in which we offered six lucky winners 1 year worth of Bella’s Depilux™ Hair Free System, we have many interested readers who have participated in it!

Today, we have randomly selected the winners, and they are…

  • Lisa Kwek of [email protected]
  • Joanne of [email protected]
  • Kim of [email protected]
  • Shermaine Lee of [email protected]
  • Chew Meiyin of [email protected]
  • Tay Hui Chun of [email protected]
We will also be contacting the winner via email regarding redemption details.
Thank you for taking part! Do look out for our future contests!

Today's Beauty Tip

Cleanse your spectacles with an alcohol wipe regularly to get rid of grime and makeup that is left behind. This ensures you won't be transferring bacteria from the spectacles to your skin.