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If you were to believe in evolution, we were once hairy creatures; be it as apes, homo sapiens or Adam’s offspring. Gradually, we evolved to what we are today. In ancient times, men devoted their time to pursue Sparta-like strength that don’t involve an elaborate grooming regime. But this has changed in the past few centuries for men in Singapore. A rising number of straight men are paying more attention to their facial needs (a trend that our homosexual counterparts do better at, typically). No longer do we use a piece of soap for our face, body, and everything in between. We have grown more aware of the appearance of pimples, dark eye circles, enlarged pores and wrinkles. And we’re determined to take them on, the way our forefathers killed giant woolly mammoths.

This is what I call the advent of the re-evolution from ape to man.

On 2 August, Biotherm Homme and Daily Vanity kick-started this evolution, inviting a small and private group made up of my guy friends.

At the event, which was aptly called the “Bring Your Own Bros” (BYOB) party, I shared about the need for a basic skincare routine and the science behind pre-mature ageing. Related read: What You May Not Have Known About Sunscreen. We obviously don’t want to age so much that when we bring our girlfriend or wife out, strangers would think that they’re our daughters.

Biotherm Homme Byob31
Biotherm Homme Byob22
At the BYOB, which was held at the Biotherm Homme flagship store at ION Orchard #B3-47, we tried our hands on the Clarisonic Mia 2, a nifty device that helps us cleanse our face six times cleaner than usual, and then we had a hands-on experience and skincare tutorial, led by Diana, Biotherm’s Training Manager.

Biotherm Homme Byob71

What surprised me greatly was that my bros made purchases after the event! I asked if they were just being supportive but apparently they already have the intention to start a skincare regime, but they just didn’t know where to start, and who to get advice from. Some are terrified with the idea of walking into a “beauty” store alone and asking for assistance from beauty consultants.

I’m glad we ran the BYOB party to help share, educate and get men started on a proper skincare regime. Yes, the ladies in their lives are going to be so happy with us.

Given a chance, would you want to attend such an event with your own bros? Ladies, would you want to bring your boyfriend or husband for such an event?

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