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Harry Potter fans, get your credit cards ready. Magical makeup products ranging from brushes and eyeshadow palettes are coming your way – and you don’t need an invitation from Hogwarts to get your hands on them.

Here’s the shopping list for you to ogle at, and also save up for:

1. Wizard Wand Brushes by Storybook Cosmetics

A photo posted by @storybookcosmetics on

You may not have heard of Storybook Cosmetics, but they’re a new beauty brand and their very first product? These wand-shaped makeup brushes. The brushes haven’t launch yet, although the brand says they’ll be released in the coming weeks. Follow them on Instagram to get the scoop on it.

2. Eyeshadow by Shiro Cosmetics

harry potter eyeshadows

In 20 shades, this range of eyeshadows by Shiro Cosmetics don’t just have names that are inspired by Harry Potter, the iridescent shades of the collection are also magical to look at. Buy it here.

3. Hand Blended Butterbeer lip gloss by Shiro Cosmetics


Besides the amazing eyeshadows, Harry Potter fans are also going to fall in love with these lip glosses that apparently start off with a bit of “foam” that’s sparkly, and then finishes with gloss that’s warm-caramel in colour. The lip gloss is even scented with “butterbeer flavouring”. Buy it here.

4. The Boy Who Lived collection by Brija Cosmetics

harry potter makeup

This entire collection, which features artwork that all Harry Potter fans will find familiar, consists of  10 eyeshadows, a face highlight, and a lip jelly. The eyeshadows are available in mini jars of 3g or full-sized jars of 5g. Buy it here.

5. Witchcraft & Wizardry Shadows by Geek Chic Cosmetics

harry potter eyeshadow

Carrying eyeshadows with names like House Elf and You Know Who, Geek Cosmetics is going to make every Harry Potter fan go crazy with their collection of makeup. Our favourite is Mischief Managed (seen above) that features Harry’s face on the cap. The eyeshadow colour is super gorgeous too! Get it here.

6. Eyeshadow palettes that don’t actually exist

harry potter eyeshadow palettes

We wished these beautiful palettes (that has gone viral) were real. But they aren’t. These are actually mock ups created by a Redditor. But it shouldn’t stop us from fantasising about them becoming a reality one day. Inspect them more closely:

harry-potter-palette-4 Harry%20Potter%20palette harry-potter-palette 9pIHs8V