She used only food to create this makeup look and it’s the tutorial you would keep watching

What do you get when you merge a food junkie and a makeup junkie? This #FaceFullofFoodChallenge, probably!

makeup-maven-face-full-of-food-challenge challenge

Raychel Newton, who is known as @makeup_maven on Instagram, created a full makeup look – from foundation and blush to brow powder and lipstick – using only food. Watch how she does it in her video, and read on to find out what she used:

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What food products did Makeup Maven use for her #FaceFullofFoodChallenge?

Brows: Cacao powder to fill in, and butter to slick them down
Foundation: Cacao powder and lucuma powder
Eyes: Honey as primer, coffee grounds and mac-and-cheese powder for eyelids, set with flour. Tips of coconut husk is burnt and stuck to lids as false lashes.
Face contour: Chocolate bar
Face blush: Red gelatin powder
Lips: Beetroot for colour, coconut oil for shine.


Today's Beauty Tip

Cleanse your spectacles with an alcohol wipe regularly to get rid of grime and makeup that is left behind. This ensures you won't be transferring bacteria from the spectacles to your skin.