K-Bright is a new skincare brand developed by a small global team of skincare experts based in Seoul, Shanghai, London, Singapore and Bangkok who believe in the concept of high maintenance skincare. We are on a mission to find the next generation of skin brightening power. Through its revolutionary Icy-LockTM technology, K-Bright suspends natural ingredients in an active state, locking in freshness and enhancing potency by up to 3X. The result is extraordinary skin brightening power. Our leading edge Icy-lockTM technology is at its most efficacious in our Miracle Booster Pearls. This hero product contains 35% Vitamin C, well known for its skin brightening benefit. With all liquid removed and ingredients suspended in active state until you activate them with our serum, you can experience our potency in pristine condition. K-Bright exists to bring you the most innovative and potent skin brightening technology and we will continually strive to find new technologies to deliver this, on a global level.