Men's Skin Centres

Men's Skin Centres (MSC) has been providing professional skincare services targeted towards men's needs for more than 20 years. It is regionally renowned as the leader in men's skincare programmes, where professional consultants put together tailor-made skincare solutions for today's men. There are now 5 Men's Skin Centres in Singapore offering the latest skincare technology, hair removal treatments as well as natural skincare products. As a one-stop grooming centre that addresses men's skincare needs, Men's Skin Centres offers a wide range of advanced skincare technology that can be customised to individual skin types and problems. These specialised treatments combining the healing effects of natural purifiers and nourishers are suited for men of all ages. These treatments focus on various aspects of skincare that includes deep purifying, acne treatment, facial lifting, sensitive skin relief, skin hydrating, pigmentation control to brighten and rejuvenate the complexion. Men's Skin Centres also provides professional, customised laser hair removal treatments as well as body massages for the overall relaxing effect.