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For the longest time, Man has been trying to find out if there’s life in other planets apart from Earth, and if aliens hold the key to ground-breaking technology that we don’t know about. While we haven’t found out for sure if aliens exist, there’s something else scientists claim – rare diamond particles that are believed to have formed in space can help restore our youth.


This is what luxury skincare brand 111skin touts in its Celestial Black Diamond collection. The collection offers a potent solution that target ageing, and uses technologically-advanced ingredients, including black diamond particles that are believed to have formed in space. These particles are in the form of micro-spheres that can penetrate more deeply into the skin to deliver the ingredients in the products that offer anti-ageing benefits: NAC Y2 formula, Collagen type I and III, and Hyaluronic Acid. These fancy names don’t really matter – you just have to know that the first item is an exclusive ingredient by 111Skin that’s formulated for anti-ageing, the second ones are ingredients that boost skin’s elasticity, and the final one helps with hydration.

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  1. Did they work?

Did they work?

111Skin celestial black diamond night cream

The 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond products aren’t cheap. The lowest-priced that is available in Singapore is the eye cream, retailing at SGD370. The serum costs SGD812, and the night cream is at a hefty SGD1,364. They definitely aren’t something that you’ll buy at your whim.

We were sent a set of the products, and I went straight for the night cream, since it’s clearly the star of the collection. The understated packaging wouldn’t have you imagine that it’s tagged with its lavish price, but of course, what should matter is its content.

The cream is rich, and the jar comes with an applicator that has a heavier metallic ball meant for you to use it to massage the product in. I applied a generous amount and noticed how heavy the cream felt. Using the massager directly didn’t help my skin to absorb the product at all. The cream continued to linger on the surface of my skin stubbornly.

Then, I decided to use my hands to massage it in. This time, thanks to the heat from my hands, the cream was absorbed in thoroughly. I followed up by using the massager and it felt pretty good.

While at first the cream felt heavy and greasy, it was interesting that once it has been absorbed, my skin actually felt refreshed, hydrated, and there wasn’t any greasiness at all. In fact, my skin felt nourished and velvety-soft. There was also added radiance, probably because of its strong hydration power that helped brighten up any dullness caused by dehydration.

After about 10-15 minutes, I asked my husband to observe my face (I applied it only on half the face so I can compare), and without telling him which side had the product, he commented that the side with the product had less obvious (droopy) line at the corner of the mouth, and some lines under the eye seem less obvious too. My skin also felt more lifted on the side that had the cream.

I was initially very skeptical about what the product can do (I mean, that price!), particularly because the packaging didn’t look that impressive. My first impression of it – no thanks to the heavy cream that refused to be absorbed at first – wasn’t good at all. But my impression of it improved after a while, because of the slight results that we observed.

Of course, like all skincare products, it will probably take a while to see a clear difference, but I’d say that it looks like this product has some potential in the anti-ageing department.

The 111Skin Black Celestial Diamond products, together with a few others 111Skin products, are now available at Net-a-porter.