I’m used to hearing about body sculpting treatment that promises to break down fat. The new Fat Buster treatment by Shou Slimming is news to me because instead of breaking down fat, it actually simulate the action of a proper workout in the muscles.

Using an Israel-developed equipment that reduces fat through the BEAM (Bio electrical Acceleration Management) technology, the treatment is able to send pre-defined electrical pulses via the nervous system, emulating the body’s bio-electrical process. This in turn accelerates muscle activation and tones the targeted muscles, as micro-currents sent into different skin layers cause muscles to contract. Yes, and this sounds exactly like what a workout, especially toning exercises, does to the body.

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Because the treatment isn’t simply a fat-busting technology, it is said to also promote other benefits in the body, including: increasing blood circulation, enhancing lymphatic drainage, and accelerating metabolism.

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  1. Did it work?

Did it work?

I felt the increase of metabolism at my very first session of the Fat Buster treatment. I went for a session during lunch, and went for a jog at the end of the work day. Typically, it’ll take me approximately five minutes to start feeling my body heat up and to perspire, but I noticed that my body feels warm more quickly and I perspired more.

While perspiration and body heat aren’t an indicator of calories burn, I felt that I had a more intensive workout than I usually do.

Another interesting point that I noticed was at my second session. The next morning, I felt on my tummy the same ache that I would have felt after intensive core exercises; I did not work out that day. It appears that the treatment is indeed giving my muscles a workout without me breaking a sweat.

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I have been offered 10 sessions so that I can have a full experience of the treatment to write a proper review, so stay tuned for my complete report after the series of sessions are done.

The Shou’s Fat Buster treatment is available at SGD180 (before GST). Each sessions lasts 30 minutes, but you should put aside at least 45 minutes because it takes some time for set up.

Shou Slimming is located at #04-49, One Raffles Place, and #03-37/38 Novena Square.