App-ily ever after: Enhance your grooming choices with the help of these apps that could (almost) save you from a public meltdown at the salon.


iTunes and Google Play


With a host of makeover apps available in the market, ModiFace’s Virtual Makeover stands out as one of the easiest and most fun to use. To get a sense of how skincare products, makeup, haircuts or colours would look like on you, simply upload your picture and let the app’s facial recognition technology apply the simulation effects on the photo. The downside: As it’s an American app, some brands may not be available here.

Recommended for: Tech-savvy folks who always touch up photos before posting them on social media

Rating: 4.5/5 stars




With more than 80 luxury & drugstore brands and thousands of products available, you’ll definitely have fun playing around on this app. Try on makeup from websites, magazines, or real life, and match curated looks from celebrities and makeup artists virtually before you attempt the real deal.

Recommended for: Folks who love recreating celebrities’ best looks

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Hairstyle Makeover

iTunesHair Makeover

If you’re thinking of trying a new hair trend, this app offers over 600 real hairstyles from celebrities, models and real people available via in-app purchase. Simply take your photo, upload to the app and start playing around with the options and editing tools available, including Eraser, Flip, Color and Opacity controls. You can even gets comments from friends on your “new” cut before making it a real deal. A more advance version, Hairstyle Makeover Pro, is available at US$4.99.

Recommended for: Folks who are looking for a quick image refresher without risking a sobering cut

Rating: 3/5 stars

Makeup Simulator HD


Makeup Simulator1

Makeup Simulator2

Makeup Simulator3

Makeup Simulator4

Nobody said experimenting with makeup colours means you have to risk looking like a clown, but the truth is, sometimes accidents do happen to good people. This app is your first step to finding out what colours bring out the best of your complexion and features, and letting you doing the mixing and matching.

Recommended for: The conservative who’s taking baby steps towards colour makeup

Rating: 3/5 stars

And one for the guys…

Mens’ Hairstyles

US$0.99, iTunes

Mens Hairstyles

Mens Hairstyles2

Before your boyfriend or brother decides to book an appointment with a trendy hairstylist who will no doubt recommend an edgy cut that may or may not suit his face, sit him down with this app, which has over 140 hairstyles and close to 100 beard styles to set him on the right path to his image overhaul.

Recommended for: Your boyfriend or BFF who’s “inspired” to channel his inner George Clooney

Rating: 4/5 stars

Overall verdict:

I had fun playing around with the apps but truth be told, I was not fully convinced that the edgy undercut I was contemplating would turn out the way the apps made it appear, simply due to the difference between the 2D style you see onscreen, and actual hair texture and head shape. That said, I can certainly see how cosmetic apps that colour coordinate outfits with makeup options can save indecisive spirits some precious time.