escada joyful miranda kerr

Some perfumes evoke a sense of sensuality, while others remind us of our favourite flowers. The new Escada Joyful is all about embracing optimism and joy, and here are other reasons why we love it:

Reason #1: We love its inspiration

miranda kerr escada joyful

Guess what the perfume is supposed to be reminiscent of? The moment of joy you feel when receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. And it’s true, there’s always this quiet satisfaction attached to getting flowers from someone you love. This fragrance awakens this happiness with accords of peony in its heart.

Reason #2: The campaign is fronted by Miranda Kerr

miranda kerr escada joyful behind the scenes
Yes, we’re talking about supermodel, Miranda Kerr. We love her dimpled smile and how she always exudes confidence and positivity. It helps that the campaign photo is incredibly gorgeous too.

Reason #3: It smells incredible


If you’re into floral fragrances, this is probably a winner. This opens with blackcurrant sorbet and notes of mandarin and melon, with the former releasing a gentle icy sensation to the skin. In its heart, you’ll experience violet leaves, pink peony, magnolia oil, cyclamen and pink freesia. Finally, it dries down to the unique scent of Forimoss, to finish the floral scent with an earthy tone.

Reason #4: The flacon is pretty


Rather understated but modern, the flacon pays homage to city life and the opportunities that come with it. Transparent to showcase the soft pink juice within, the flacon is striking in its symmetry and elegant lines.

Reason #5: Wearing it makes you happy

Style: "GUYred"

Thanks to the invigorating scent, spritzing it evokes feelings of joy. It is definitely a great mood booster to chase away Monday blues, or when you want to celebrate a joyous event.

The Escada Joyful EDP retails at SGD158 for 75ml, SGD122 for 50ml and SGD87 for 30ml. The Body Lotion (150ml) is available at SGD51 and Shower Gel (150ml) at SGD46.