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We already know it: cleanse, tone, moisturise – these form the foundations of your skincare regime. But here’s the check-list that you should also look at if you care for your skin.

1. Facial cleansing brush


Sure, using our hands to wash our face is good enough. Facial cleansing brushes promise to cleanse a few times better. And it’s not surprising, because cleansing brushes ensure that you’re covering every part of your face, and paying similar amount of attention on every part. They also offer a “massage” to the skin to help with micro-circulation.


Try: Clarisonic. This has received lots of raves by online reviewers and offer several types of systems to fit your needs and budget.

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2. Exfoliant


Exfoliating helps removes the build-up of dead skin cells, which does two things for you: reveal fresher, brighter skin, and helps skincare products to penetrate into your skin better. Regular exfoliating ensures that your skin looks radiant and also reduces the appearance of white and blackheads, which can lead to pimples when they’re inflamed.

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Try: Bioderma Gentle Moisturizing Scrub. Suitable even for sensitive skin, this scrub comes with a lightweight and creamy formula so that it won’t dry out or irritate your skin.

3. Sunscreen


The key cause of ageing is sun damage. This is why you should always apply an sunscreen of at least SPF30, even when you’re indoors (because UVA rays are able to pass through clouds and windows). Apply sunscreen faithfully and you’ll be guarding your skin against signs of ageing, as well as hyper-pigmentation and dullness.

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Try: Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA++++. Reformulated, this bestseller now covers longer UVA rays to give more protection. This sunscreen also isn’t oily or sticky, and doesn’t leave any annoying white layer. Read our review of the Kiehl’s sunscreen here.

4. Antioxidant serum

Asian skincare tips

Whatever your sunscreen “missed” in the day, can be covered by an antioxidant-rich serum. Antioxidants such as vitamins C and E helps fight free radicals that are by-products of sun exposure and pollution. Using an antioxidant-rich serum, particularly for your evening skincare regime, helps with skin brightening and addressing signs of ageing.

the body shop vitamin e overnight serum in oil

Try: The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. Vitamin E is a great source of antioxidant and this product contains tons of it. Read about the Vitamin E collection’s new limited edition packaging.

5. Eye cream

eye cream

The skin around our eye area is thinner and more delicate than the rest of our skin. This fact, coupled with that our eyes are the most active features on our face (because we blink), signs of ageing tend to appear around our eye contours first. Investing in an eye cream is one of the best ways to safeguard our skin from looking old. Eye creams usually have a gentler formula (compared to regular serums and moisturisers) so that they offer some TLC to the delicate eye area.

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estetica eye cream and eye essence

Try: Estetica Optimalift A+ Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle or Eye Essence Multi-Repair. Formulated by Singapore’s leading beauty salon, this duo targets at correcting signs of ageing around the eye area, for day and night. Read our review here.

6. Mask

clay mask

Masks help to give your skin an additional boost and help address your key concerns. Pick a mask based on what you’re most worried about: use a hydrating mask if your skin looks parched and have lines from dehydration, use a clay mask to help improved clogged pores, and a brightening mask if your complexion looks dull. Consider using them right before bedtime, once to thrice a week, after you’ve exfoliated your skin, as a pampering treat for yourself.


Try: Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. This leave-on mask delivers potent antioxidants for anti-ageing benefits and are suitable for all skin type.