Without a doubt, our eyes are one of the most important beauty assets to us, and this is why we spend so much time perfecting our eye makeup and enhancing them further with cosmetic contact lenses.

After a study, leading contact lens brand, Acuvue, has found out that beautiful eyes are defined by five dimensions: size, colour, shape, whiteness and shine. With this, Acuvue developed the first ever Digital Eye Imaging System known as the Eye Define Studio, which can help women measure their eyes against the five dimensions, and find out how they can further accentuate their eyes’ beauty with eye makeup and contact lenses.

My Experience With Eye Define Studio


First, a photo of my face is taken. Next, the Eye-D reader, which is a powerful high-definition camera, scans my eyes to produce a high-resolution image of my iris. With this scan, the optometrist uses the system to analyse my eyes’ size, colour, shape, whiteness and shine.



The results, honestly, don’t matter that much to me – after all, I don’t have to be “stuck” with what I was born with; I can always enhance the appearance of my eyes with the help of cosmetic lenses and eye makeup.

Now, the fun part came. Using what she has learnt about my eyes’ appearance, the optometrist then recommend the most suitable lens design from the 1-day Acuvue Define with Lacreon range. The Eye Define Studio allows me to “wear” these lenses virtually, so I could work with the optometrist to find my favourite look.


And that’s not all. The system could also give me a virtual eye makeup makeover, where I can choose the eye makeup and lashes I’d like to wear with the lenses. I find this step particularly useful, because I could also use the function to decide if the lenses are going to look good with other makeup looks, which I might be wearing to a different occasion.


This is how the 1-Day Acuvue Define with Lacreon look on me


As you can tell, the differences are very subtle. Vivid is mainly for making your irises look more brown (but still natural), and Accent makes the irises larger. Natural Shine, which was the pair that was prescribed to me after going through the system, to add more shine to my eyes.

The Eye Define Studio is exclusively available by appointment at the Specialist Eyecare Centre, located at #02-20, Great World City.