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Annabelle studio1

Annabelle Studio isn’t the most eye-catching facial studio I’ve been to. In fact, it’s possible to walk past it without noticing it because it’s located at The Adelphi, a relatively quiet part of busy City Hall, it’s not well-lit, and its reception area is small and homely.

Annabelle studio reception

Reception area

But what caught my eyes when I reached Annabelle Skin, was the flawless skin of Grace, my therapist.

Call me judgemental, but the condition of my therapist’s skin matters to me. My confidence, based on first impression, typically drops if her skin condition doesn’t look too good. But Grace at Annabelle Studio has a glowing complexion that the dim lights can’t hide.

I was scheduled for the JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment, and before the session started, Grace did a consultation with me using a skin analysis machine. With the help of this machine, she was able to tell what key concerns my skin has.

Annabelle studio skin analysis

Skin analysis done on another client

What is the JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment?

Annabelle studio rooms

JMF is an Italian professional brand and is known for its peeling treatments. The Multi-Level Peeling Treatment is one of the most popular treatments that features the JMF products, because of the many skin issues it addresses: acne, enlarged pores, dull skin complexions, scarring, pigmentation, and anti-ageing. The treatment works by using a cocktail of acids (Glycolic Acid, Pyruvic Acid, HydroxyAcid (AHA), Salicylic Acid, and Kojic Acid) to exfoliate, tighten, and rejuvenate the appearance of skin. New skin cells can be regenerated thereafter, so that skin becomes smoother, energised, and imperfections visibly reduced. This treatment is customised according to skin conditions, by adjusting the treatment time and level of treatment. As the levels of treatment progressed, the amount of acids used increased.

What was is it like?

The therapist began the session with typical facial treatment steps like removal of makeup and cleansing. The “real deal” started at what is called “T1” (or tier 1) where she applied 27% of acids to my skin for about three to five minutes. She gently warned me that there might be some stinging sensation but I was very comfortable with it. Yes, there was a little bit of irritation, particularly around my nose, but it was definitely bearable.


After this she neutralised the cocktail that had been applied with FIX, a solution that contains Aloe Vera extracts to neutralise the effects of the acids, and to soothe and calm the skin. Then, the solution was cleansed off with cotton wool soaked in cool water, and then patted dry with tissue paper before the next level was administered.

T2 featured 37% of acids and it’s in the same steps as T1. Finally, T3 (55%) is applied as a localised treatment for one to three minutes. Extraction was also done after this point because the gunk inside the pores could loosen easily now. While there’s slight discomfort, as with most extraction, it’s still very bearable. I have to make the disclaimer that I probably have a high threshold for pain; my therapist was surprised that I was able to fall asleep during this treatment, because this isn’t the most “soothing” treatments around. Well, it’s either that I was really tired or that I can tolerate irritation very well.


Then, a mask was applied and the facial treatment was finished off with the application of a moisturising cream.

How was the treatment?

I don’t have very major skin concerns, other than a bit of blackheads around the nose area and I also wished my skin looked brighter. I was impressed by how smooth my skin felt after the facial treatment, and that it had a natural glow. My skin looked less tired than it appeared when I first entered the studio. In fact, I was able to head for dinner with my friend without applying any makeup, and I didn’t feel self-conscious about it at all.

In the next few days, I noticed that the blackheads around my nose continued to loosen and come off by themselves. My guess is that they’re probably the ones that are clogged deeper inside the pores. This was really amazing. The wonderful effects of the treatment also sustained for at least a week, and my skin continued to look and feel smooth, supple, and bright.

The JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatment ranges from SGD168 to SGD228, depending on the customisation. The one that I experienced is at SGD168. It lasts for approximately two hours and is available at Annabelle Studio, located at #02-42 The Adelphi (1 Coleman Street). Call 6336-8975 for appointments.

The treatment and JMF products are also available at:

  • Icass Beauty, 681, Hougang Ave 8, #01-819, Tel: 6385-6077
  • C N S Hair & Beauty Salon, Blk 625, Ang Mo Kio Ave 9, #01-112, Tel: 6452-5667
  • Christie Beauty & Slimming Centre, Blk 353, Jurong East St 31, #01-119, Tel: 9386-0232
  • BeauD Studio, #03-16, Fu Lu Shou Complex, Tel: 9146-7958
  • J-LO Beauty, Blk 88, Bedok North St 4, #01-153, Tel: 6448-5288
  • Telok Blangah Crescent Hair-dressing & Beauty Saloon, Blk 12, Telok Blangah Crescent, #01-109, Tel: 6274-5137