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As a perfume junkie (I ought to be featured in one of the beauty collectors articles!), I’m always on the lookout for “something different”. Because I probably already own something that smells like something else that’s new in the market.

To me, wearing a scent is like putting on a dress (or a pair of shoes, for those who are crazy about them!), I simply need one for every unique occasion.

This is why the launch of Atelier Cologne at Escentials is a dream come true. Every cologne by the brand tells a unique story that are put together by innovative ingredients and ideas.

Sylvie Ganter Christophe Cervasel

Helmed by Sylvie Ganter and her former boss–turned–boy-friend, Christophe Cervasel, Atelier Cologne was founded in 2010, a relative young brand that produces fragrances that are very timeless. Call it a juxtaposition – the good kind.

The “old soul” in the new brand could be because its fragrances are actually inspired by the original eau de cologne recipe that was created in 1709.

The brand has launched a few collections since its conception, including:
Collection Originale, featuring Orange Sanguine, Grand Neroli, Bois Blonds, Trefle Pur, Oolang Infini, and Cedrat Enivrant;
Collection Matières Absolues, featuring Vanille Insensee, Ambre Nue, Rose Anonyme, Vetiver Fatal, and Mistral Patchouli;
and Collection Métal, featuring Gold Leather, Silver Iris, and Blanche Immortelle. 

How Do The Fragrances From Atelier Cologne Smell?


At the event held by Escentials to launch Atelier Cologne, the media was given the opportunity to take a whiff at many of the fragrances in the brand’s stable. What really struck me is how distinctive and unique they are. A definite yes for a fragrance junkie like me.

There are several hot favourites that I believe will find favour with most people – for instance, Orange Sanguine and Rose Anonyme, but what I find myself falling in love with was the new Silver Iris.

Review of Atelier Cologne Silver Iris


You have to understand, however, that I was picking the fragrances based on what I think I don’t have yet in my collection. I thought that the Silver Iris smells somewhat unisex, and has a very assertive, confident, almost dangerous quality about it. I foresee I can do with a scent like this on days where I need to fight tough battles at the boardroom, or perhaps on those days I think I want to appear more confident.

Interestingly, my first impression of the cologne ties in well with the story it’s trying to tell (I didn’t get to see this story before forming my impression, so I guess it’s a sign that the perfumers are doing it right).

This is the story tied to Silver Iris:


“A woman of such intimidating beauty and sparkling vitality gained the adoration of everyone around her. However, no one knew what she had been through. With her wild spirit, she was tough, stronger than metal, and never looked back. When she met him, for the first time in her life, she could stand still. She may have found the absolu man.”

And here are the notes in this fragrance:
Top notes : tangerine from Italy, pink pepper from China, blackcurrant from Burgundy
Heart notes : violet leaves from Grasse, iris Pallida from Tuscany, mimosa from Grasse
Base notes : patchouli from Indonesia, white amber, tonka bean from Brazil

I was given a small bottle of this fragrance, all packed in a pretty leather holder. (Take note that the actual full-sized bottle of the Silver Iris actually comes with a handcrafted leather cap, removable pump so you can choose to either splash or spray, and the bottle is covered in genuine precious real silver. Yes, very bespoke!)

The transition of the scent is also very gradual, so what you smell at first pretty much is what you’ll smell at the end of it, but warmer. It is also very distinctive, so it’s definitely something you can pick out in a blind test.

Silver Iris Cologne Absolue (100ml) retails at SGD260. The other fragrances by Atelier Cologne ranges from SGD170 to SGD290 for 100ml bottles, and SGD250 to SGD300 for 200ml bottles. They are available exclusively at Escentials in Singapore.