The 360° Illuminator Treatment has been recently launched by Bella Skin Care. It is a non-invasive treatment that allows the skin to soothe, protect, whiten, and give our skin that highly sought after glow.

My treatment was scheduled a day before my netball training, and I have to admit I was worried as my skin is really prone to redness especially after extraction (a process during facial where they remove the blackheads). Bella Skin Care’s manager, Shirley, was quick to vanquish all my worries, and hence, I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

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Upon arrival, Shirley led me into the consulting room and briefed me on what to expect during and after the treatment. The treatment consists of the following three products: SOD Illuminator AmpuleHydra Illuminator Massage Gel, and the CO2 Illuminating Mask. I was adequately warned that there will be a bearable “biting” sensation while using the mask that will be left on my face for about a minute or so. After the treatment, the skin will be glowing with radiance, and will be slightly fairer than before.

After being briefed, I was led into the treatment room, and so it began.

The facial session before treatment includes a moisturising hand therapy and the typical facial session procedures: a brief shoulder massage, exfoliation, double cleansing, toner, extraction, and then high frequency (a plastic spatula with mile electric current that kills bacteria). You will be glad to know that the extraction was very bearable even with my bumpy and bad skin. The best part was that I actually fell asleep (a first for me)!

Wax treatment to soften and moisturise the hand before starting.

Moisturising wax treatment to soften the hands.


The first step of the treatment was the SOD Illuminator Ampule which was applied all over my face, and then gently massaged into the skin. I was given a band to wear on my hand. My therapist explains that the bands helps to circulate the ampule around my body with the help of some electric currents. A light machine which acts like a flash bomb packed into a mini ray gun was used to further massage the ampule into the skin! My eyes were covered with cotton pads, which was not very helpful, but the effort was there.

Secondly, the Hydra Illuminator Massage Gel was applied and massaged into the skin to increase the oxygen supply to the top layer of the skin which helps to prepare the skin for the mask.

Lastly, the CO2 Illuminating Mask. The flat mask inflated before my very eyes as it was taken out of its packaging. It was a moment of “wow”, and then the biting sensation came. The way I would describe it would be this: Nibbles given by tiny pixies as they lighten and add some glow to the skin. It was bearable (3/10 for on the “pain scale”), and was made better when the therapist gave me an awesome shoulder massage. It was like rain in a dessert; I relaxed instantly.

The session ended with a soothing mask, followed by the cleaning of my face, toner, eye cream, left over ampule, and the most important of all, sunblock! Shirley’s aftercare instructions were to stay away from direct sunlight for the next couple of days, hydrate my face, and to always slap on some sunblock before heading out – although I think these instructions should not be just for aftercare, but part of a daily routine instead.





Pictures speak louder than words! In my genuine opinion, my skin looks much more rejuvenated and refreshed after the treatment. My dark eye rings seemed to have faded away, and my skin before the treatment was a far cry from my skin after the treatment. Another worthy point was that my skin did not look very swollen after the extraction.

The 360° Illuminator Treatment is available at Bella Skin Care, and you can find the locations of all their outlets here.