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Bellezza Aesthetics is nestled in a quiet corner on the fourth floor of Wheelock Place. Admittedly, it was not the easiest place to find, but its obscure location provided a quiet, relaxing haven away from the Orchard Road buzz while maintaining all its glamour.

Bellezza only uses premium quality products for its treatments. But what got me really excited is Bellezza’s unique massaging technique that is said to maximise these products’ efficacy.

A significant portion of the treatment would incorporate these massaging techniques, and I was secretly pleased because the usual five to ten minute post-facial massages always left me longing for more!

Skin Analysis


Using state-of-the-art technology, Bellezza measures their client’s skin health and stores these information in their database for future tracking.

As with most beauty salons these days, Bellezza uses its own skin analysis machines to determine an appropriate treatment for their clients. The results are sent and stored in their own database for future reference, which makes it convenient for regular clients to track their improvement.


The skin analysis measured skin health with the level of sebum, wrinkles, pores, pigmentation, elasticity and moisture.

Upon arrival, I was whisked off for the skin analysis. The results showed that I had a normal level of moisture, which made me really happy because my intensive moisturising efforts have finally shown results!

However, I had a disproportionate lack of sebum. Contrary to popular belief, a good amount of sebum is actually beneficial as it prevents excessive loss of moisture from your skin. Because of my over-enthusiasm with my facial regime, I had removed too much of sebum, which caused my skin to feel flaky and tight.


Bellezza’s machine also highlighted the areas where I suffered the most pigmentation from. As you can see, it was almost my whole face!

I also had enlarged pores and severe pigmentation, and it gave this 23-year-old an overall skin age of… 28! Yikes!

Thankfully, my therapist told me that age was on my side: as long as I stopped picking at my pimples and ate more foods rich in Vitamin C, my skin would heal and the pigmentation would fade naturally. I also had to stop washing my face excessively, so my sebum production would kickstart again.

What I really needed help in was my enlarged pores, which made me look older than my 23 years.

The Luminous Max Treatment


The treatment room was dimly lit, with a soul-soothing jasmine aroma.

Knowing the treatment required me to be stationary for a long time, my therapist thoughtfully elevated my legs with a pillow to allow blood circulation. I was given the Luminous Max Treatment, which was a seven-stage process taking roughly two hours.

1. An aroma jasmine oil massage and therapy


I was expertly nestled in a small cocoon of fluffy towels with my eyes covered as the therapy started.

It was clear my therapist was extremely well-trained from the way she delivered the massage. She delicately carried out each move smoothly. The massage was heavenly to say the least. I loved how a good 15 minutes was spent on making me relax before starting the therapy proper.

2. Double cleansing using milk and foam


Bellezza uses its own brand of products in all their treatments.

To remove any makeup and impurities I had on my face, my therapist used a double-cleansing method with milk and foam. Even at the cleansing stage, my therapist took her time to massage my temples and behind my ears, which I enjoyed tremendously.

3. Lumix Cocktail 


Some might attribute it to the lighting, but I definitely saw a difference: the left side with the Lumix Cocktail applied was more radiant than the right side without.

Judging from the way my therapist praised the Lumix Cocktail, it was probably one of the more effective treatments for a certain “glow” to your face. She enthusiastically applied it on the right side of my face for comparison with the left. I definitely felt that the side with the Lumix Cocktail was slightly more radiant, as seen from the picture above.

4. Silky Collagen Treatment for hands

At this stage, I was left completely immobile (hence the lack of pictures) because my hands were wrapped in bags of hot wax made of plant placenta collagen. It was left to dry for the remaining of the session, and removed afterwards to give smoother, fairer hands.

5. Skin resurfacing using their in-house machines

I am not going to lie – the skin resurfacing hurt a little. The machine used was a small suction tip that my therapist painstakingly “sucked” my entire face with. This skin resurfacing treatment is meant to reduce the appearance of acne scars, pores, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and give you a smoother, more radiant skin surface.

6. Extraction, Trimming Eyebrows

I just had an extraction session not too long ago, so I skipped that part and proceeded to having my eyebrows trimmed and cut.

7. Shoulder, Neck, Hand massage

My therapist ended the session with a shoulder, neck and hand massage after removing the plant collagen wax.

The Immediate Aftermath

Apart from a noticeable difference in radiance, I could not believe how much smoother my skin was. There were no bumps, and even the spots where my pimples used to be seem to have subsided. I also left the salon with my shoulders feeling less tensed, and completely rejuvenated for another round of shopping!

Final Thoughts


Although I tried to preciously maintain the result of Bellezza’s skin resurfacing treatment by exfoliating regularly, my skin slowly returned to its original state within the next two weeks. This only confirmed the effectiveness of their treatment, which cannot be replicated with exfoliators.

I stepped into Bellezza expecting the massage to wow me the most (it did!), but found the skin resurfacing treatment to be the star of the whole session. For someone who always relied on exfoliators, I was amazed that a session at Bellezza could give me instant results my favourite products never did.

The Luminous Max treatment is the ultimate pampering session to be enjoyed with a girlfriend on a weekend, right after a good afternoon outing. However, if you’re on a budget, go straight for the skin resurfacing treatment- it will wow you just like it did for me.

Bellezza Aesthetics is located at #04-13 Wheelock Place, and opens from 11am – 10pm on weekdays, and 10am – 7pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Find out more on their website.