How many of us apply sunscreen on our eyelids? I’ll be the first to admit that it’s an area that I often neglect. Well, the thing is that our eyelids are so delicate, and tends to get oily fast, such that our eyeshadow creases. It simply doesn’t make sense for me to apply sunscreen, which can be a little oily, because my eyeshadow is never going to stay on top of it.

benefit air patrol review

This is why the new Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer by Benefit is such an appealing idea. This isn’t Benefit’s first eyelid primer (they also carry Lemon Aid, a brightening eyelid primer, and Stay, Don’t Stray, a primer for concealer and eyeshadow), but it’s the first that has sun protection benefit. Besides carrying SPF 20, Air Patrol also contains EnviroDefend complex, which is formulated to guard against sun, smoke and pollutants. Of course, as a primer, it also promises to keep your eye makeup intact.

benefit air patrol

But what’s probably most interesting to me is that Air Patrol is equipped with what it calls the “CushionCalm tip”, which is a soft applicator that is said to be even gentler than our pinky finger.

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How to use?

benefit air patrol review application

Simply twist the base once and you’ll see a tiny amount of product appear on the tip. Then, use the applicator to massage the product directly onto your eyelid and blend out with the applicator. Allow it to set, then apply your eye makeup.

Does it work?

benefit air patrol review

This is approximately half a twist.

The instructions on the packaging that one twist gives you enough product for one eyelid, but I find that it’s a little too much. I usually only need one twist to get enough product for both eyelids. So I’ll really recommend that you go easy with the dispensing first, if not you might find yourself in a messy situation.

benefit air patrol applying review swatch

I prefer to use the applicator first, before using my finger tip to even out the formula.

I find that the CushionCalm tip is indeed ultra gentle. I enjoy how it feels on the eye area and the cushion material cancels out any pressure that you’ve exerted. However, because it doesn’t have warmth, unlike your fingers, to “break down” the formula, I find that it takes longer to blend out the formula with the applicator. Usually, I’ll get impatient after a while, and then I’ll use my finger tips to give it a final blend to make sure that it looks even.

benefit air patrol review

The CushionCalm tip is extremely gentle on the eyelids.

The tinted formula offers a considerable amount of concealing effect too. By applying some of it at my undereye area too, I notice that I don’t need a concealer at all. It also nicely even out the darker tone of my eyelids. In fact, the brand recommends that you wear Air Patrol on its own if you’re going eyeshadow-free.

benefit air patrol review before and after

See that it conceals darkness of my eyelid and even out the skin tone on it.

The primer also does a decent job in keeping eye makeup intact. I find less fallout of my eyeliner on my undereye area whenever I use Air Patrol, compared to if I’m not using any primer, although this isn’t the best primer I’ve used.

Finally, on a very frivolous note, I like the packaging that features a wing as a cap. The twisting packaging also makes application very easy. You’d probably want to clean the CushionCalm tip after every application, though, for hygiene reasons.

The Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer retails at SGD51 and is available at all Benefit counters and boutique, and at Sephora stores.