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Just when you thought there’re already so many things on this Earth that you can “bling out”, Benefit is ahead of the style pack for embellished brows and created a Bling Brow Kit. Made from exclusive Swarovski crystals, this little kit what you need to have fun while accessorising your brows.

Benefit Brow Bling 1

In the kit you get a pamphlet showing you two ways you can use these little gems, a pair of tweezers, and three sets of little crystals in different sizes. Each set comes with the regular silver/white-coloured crystals and bronze-coloured crystals.
benefit bling brows

The crystals are also self-adhesive, so you can use them straight away. Read on to see the three Bling Brow looks I did and how they looked like!

Look 1: Subtle Bling

Benefit Brow Bling 3

In this look I used the silver/white crystals in the three different sizes. I placed the biggest one right on my brow bone and went on to the medium and small sized ones as I got nearer to the tail of my brow.

Look 2: Boho Chic

Benefit Brow Bling 5

Benefit Brow Bling 6

For this look I used a combination of the silver/white and bronze small-sized crystals. I placed them along the top of my brows, alternating them. It resulted in a look that I would go for if I were going for a boho party, or a festival.

Look 3: Fancy Brows

Benefit Brow Bling 4

Literally blinged out brows! I used the silver/white and brown crystals and placed them ON my brow hairs, alternating the different colours.

Overall Thoughts

I had more fun than I thought I would blinging out my brows! It’s a different way you can accessorise with your makeup and your brows. These probably are not going to be everyday look in Singapore, though. Out of the three looks above, I would go out with Look #1 & #2. Look #3 didn’t sit well with me because it was difficult to stick the crystals onto my brow hairs. And when I wanted to take them off, it pulled out some of my brows too! This would perhaps work better for those who have less or thinner brow hairs.

Benefit Brow Bling 2

The crystals also stuck pretty well even after I’ve peeled them off my skin, and rearranged them. The adhesive didn’t hurt my skin at all. In the pamphlet, they recommended that you can use lash glue to reuse the crystals if they have lost their stickiness. With that said, I highly recommend you to use it with lash glue instead of depending on the stickiness of the crystals even when you first purchase the kit. Seeing how humid Singapore’s weather is, the last thing you want is to lose one or two crystals when you’re out, no thanks to all the sweating, leaving an awkward gap in your design. I would also encourage you to bring a little tube of lash glue with you just in case you need to secure it.