BB cream isn’t a new makeup innovation. Multi-tasking as a sunscreen, moisturiser, and foundation, BB cream may not be as popular among women anymore but they are gaining popularity among men. It’s not uncommon to see male K-pop stars wearing them as a way to even out their skin tone and look good on camera.

The trend has cascaded to the man on the street and many now look for “men’s BB cream” to help them create the look of great complexion in a subtle way.

Here are 12 best BB creams for men that you can try.

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1. Laneige Homme BB Cream

Best Bb Cream Men Laneige

One concern for men when it comes to the selection of BB cream is the availability of shades. BB cream designed for women tends to come in lighter shades, so Laneige Homme BB Cream tackles the problem by coming up with darker tones catered to men. According to many reviews on Amazon, many men felt that it blends well and does the job of hiding their blemishes.

While Laneige Homme skincare products are available in Singapore, its BB Cream isn’t. But you’d be able to find it retailing for SGD28.63 (50ml) on Qoo10.

2. IOPE Men Air Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

Best Bb Cream Men Iope

IOPE is the very first brand that comes up with cushion technology and we know that men want to look as natural as possible when it comes to them putting makeup. There are many positive reviews from satisfied customers on Yesstyle, with most of them commenting that this IOPE Men Air Cushion provides excellent but discreet coverage for men.

IOPE Men Air Cushion retails for SGD41.33 on Yesstyle.

3. Dr. Jart + Black Label Nourishing Beauty Balm

Best Bb Cream For Men Dr Jart Black Line

Acne is a commonly recurring skin concern for many men. Dr. Jart + Black Label Nourishing Beauty Balm helps to alleviate that problem by providing a way to calm acne-prone skin. According to reviews from Sephora, many love that this BB cream is lightweight and one also mentioned how it does not cause more breakouts.

Dr. Jart + Black Label Nourishing Beauty Balm retails for SGD54 (50ml) on Sephora online and retail stores.

4. Erborian BB Creme Au Ginseng

Best Bb Cream Men Erborian

This BB cream includes ginseng as their main ingredient – how luxurious! It helps fight the ageing process and also leaves a smooth finish that is perfect for people with oily skin, according to the reviews on Sokoglam. It may not be formulated specifically for any gender, but its sheer finish makes it one of the best BB creams for men.

Erborian BB Creme Au Ginseng retails at SGD26 (15ml) and SGD58 (45ml) on their official website and Sephora.

5. The Face Shop The Fresh Men BB Cream

Best Bb Cream Men The Face Shop

If you are looking for a more affordable product that does the trick of improving your complexion, you might consider the BB cream from The Face Shop! This has high sun protection coverage and also oil control properties – two benefits that men who do a lot of outdoors activities will definitely appreciate.

This product isn’t available in retail stores in Singapore, but it retails for SGD13.60 (50ml) on Qoo10

6. DTRT Boys Be Bold BB Cream

Best Bb Cream Men Dtrt

If you are a man who takes skin care seriously, DTRT has to be the brand for you. Its BB cream caters to men who are looking for natural-looking finish and a comfortable wearing experience. According to the reviews on Sephora, it does not have a scent nor leave your skin feeling sticky or oily!

DTRT Get Ready retails for SGD35 (30ml) on Qoo10.

7. Hanskin Super Light Touch BB Cream

Best Bb Cream Men Hanskin

Hanskin is perfect for those with oily skin! According to reviews on Amazon, this is one of the best BB creams for men, because of how it is lightweight and offers the perfect amount of coverage, giving a natural finish.

Currently, Hanskin is having a one for one promotion on Lazada for SGD33 (30g).

8. Dr. G Brightening Balm

Best Bb Cream For Men Dr G

Dr. G is one of the brands developed and tested by Korean dermatologists, making it one of the most trusted brands among Koreans. Aside from skincare, their brand also has this BB cream proven to be rather popular among the Korean men. According to reviews on their site, many liked how it helps to cover up the redness on their skin and does not give a sticky finish.

Dr. G products are available at SaSa, but the Brightening Balm retails for SGD34 (45ml) on Qoo10.

9. MdoC BB Cream

Best Bb Cream Men Mdoc

For men suffering from redness because of acne, MdoC has the right BB Cream to cover them up. Although this brand may not be that well known among Singaporeans, it is one that is well-loved by South Korean men – with many of them counting this as one of the grooming products that they will keep repurchasing.

MdoC BB Cream retails for SGD40 (50g) on their official Singapore website here.

10. Missha Men’s Cure BB Cream Suited For Men

Best Bb Cream Men Missha

You might have heard of the brand Missha because of their amazing M Perfect Cover BB Cream but did you know that they also carries BB creams just for men? This product is one of the best BB creams for men because of how it helps to hide the look of pores and gives a natural finish.

Missha Men’s Cure BB Cream Suited For Men retails for SGD25.90 (50g) on their official Singapore website.

11. Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 35

Bb Creams For Men Lab Series

This product is a BB cream, moisturiser, and sunscreen rolled into one – perfect for men who don’t like to layer on products. Lab Series’ BB Tinted Moisturiser comes in a universal shade that adjusts to your skin tone. It also corrects and repairs the skin, refining pores and smoothing out fine lines. There’s also SPF35 in the formula to protect your skin against harmful UV rays.

Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 35 retails for $65 (50ml) on Amazon.

12. Innisfree Forest for Men BB Grooming Cream SPF50+PA++++

Bb Creams For Men Innisfree Forest

If your skin looks a little dull, try Innisfree’s Forest for Men BB Grooming Cream. It forms a seamless veil over your skin to even out and brighten your skin tone. The formula contains black yeast harvested from Jeju, which protects your complexion from environmental aggressors. It comes in two shades to suit your skin’s undertones.

Innisfree Forest for Men BB Grooming Cream SPF50+PA++++ retails for $15.30 on Shopee.

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