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Those with oily eyelids, may prefer powder eyeshadows to cream eyeshadows if you’re after a long-lasting makeup look that does not crease or smudge throughout the day. That’s quite a pity, because cream shadows can give you that solid, bold colour that very few powder shadows can imitate.

A creamy formula also adds lustre that makes your eyes stand out! Furthermore, cream shadows are so versatile – you can use it as an eye base, an eyeliner, even as a lip or cheek pigment. Cream eyeshadows are also easy to blend so you require less technique to get it right.

If longevity is your concern, we have a ready solution for you: this article features 14 cream eyeshadows that online reviewers attest to them lasting for at least eight hours without creasing or smudging. A mix of Western and Asian brands are included in the list to cater to your makeup style, whether it be more sultry or fresh-faced.

If you have never applied cream eyeshadows before or have had a disastrous experience with it, keep reading till the end of this article. We have included some tips on how to apply cream eyeshadows so you won’t be left with mess on your fingers (or your eyes).

1. 3ina The Cream Eyeshadow

The concept for 3ina’s cream eyeshadow is “big, bold colours” (hence named THE Cream Eyeshadow). There are 18 shades available, with many vibrant hues like blue, yellow and pink for that dramatic, intense pigmentation.

More neutral shades (like the one in the photo above) are also available if you’re looking for something more understated. The best part? This product is said to be completely water-proof, sweat-proof, oil-proof, and budge-proof. In other words, whatever goes onto your eyelids, stays.

3ina The Cream Eyeshadow retails for S$19 at Lookfantastic

2. Kjaer Weis Cream Eyeshadow

Best Cream Eyeshadow Kjaer Weis

Source: Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis may not be a household name, but it is well loved by eco-conscious celebrities.

The brand uses all natural, organic ingredients in their makeup, and their cream eyeshadow is no exception.

This creamy eyeshadow is formulated with moisturising coconut and sunflower seed oil, which helps to hydrate skin while delivering a pigmented shimmer glow. In addition, the sunflower seed oil adds an extra boost of nutrients and antioxidants, giving your eyelids some well-deserved nourishment. This is definitely one of the best cream eyeshadows you can find in the market.

Kjaer Weis Cream Eyeshadow retails for ~S$58 at Beautylish.

3. MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Best Cream Eyeshadow Mac

Source: Tania Lobo

If you’ve been following the makeup scene for a while, you would no doubt have heard of this cult-classic. It is known for a number of good things: strong pigmentation, intense and vibrant colour, easy to blend, can be layered with other eyeshadows without caking, dries quickly to prevent creasing… and the list goes on. All of these qualities make the product more than worthy of your money, considering that just a little product gives a solid colour that can last you the entire day without the need for re-application.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot retails for S$42 at MAC boutiques and counters, as well as Sephora.

4. Revlon ColourStay Creme Eyeshadow

Among these high-end products, it’s always a joy to discover an affordable yet good quality eyeshadow in the midst.

Revlon Colourstay Creme Eyeshadow is a shimmer shadow that adds a subtle sparkle to your eye. Even though the colour payoff is not as pigmented as the other Western cream shadows featured here, it actually makes for a very wearable daily look – perfect for those who are less experimental. True to its name, the colour clings onto the skin after it dries, remaining waterproof and sweatproof all day. If you want to remove it, an oil-based cleanser works the best.

Revlon ColourStay Creme Eyeshadow retails for S$24.44 at Shopee.

5. Supergoop! Shimmer Shade Eyeshadow

Do you put sunscreen on your eyelids? Well you should, because the skin around our eyes are most delicate and need protection most.

Lucky for us, Supergoop! carries a cream eyeshadow that has SPF30, giving an added layer of protection for our sensitive eyes. Its formula is interestingly light and extremely soft – almost like a pudding – which makes it easy to pick up the pigment and blend onto your lids. This eyeshadow comes in a range of neutral shades for a more natural makeup look.

Supergoop! Shimmer Shade Eyeshadow retails for S$37 at Sephora.

6. Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes Eyeshadow

Best Cream Eyeshadow Tom Ford

Speaking of interesting textures, Tom Ford’s cream eyeshadow has a formula resembling whipped mousse: incredibly creamy and light. You just have to dip your fingers lightly to dab and pick up the product.

What is great about this eyeshadow is that it starts off sheer, and you can build it up to the intensity you want. The colour has a metallic sheen that catches light extremely well, achieving a trendy, glossy look. This cream shadow may be the most expensive one on this list, but from its texture to its pigment to its staying power, it definitely feels very luxurious.

Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes Eyeshadow retails for S$83 at Tom Ford counters and Sephora.

7. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise

If you’re looking for a dupe for the Tom Ford eyeshadow we shared above, consider this one from Charlotte Tilbury, which has a texture and finish that very much resemble the Tom Ford’s one.

Its staying power is just as great too, according to those who have tried this product. Best cream eyeshadows around? For sure!

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise retails for ~S$42.60 at Beautylish and S$48 at Sephora.

8. 3CE Take A Layer Multi-Pot

Best Cream Eyeshadow 3ce

Source: Tina Yong

This cream formula is a 3-in-1 multi-functional product for your cheeks, lips and eyes. This incredibly versatile product is perfect for those who doesn’t like to bring too many products with them for touch-ups.

Although the cream looks matte, it actually gives a dewy glow on the lids for that healthy, radiant look that Koreans love. The formula also dries off to a powder finish for longer lasting wear.

3CE Take A Layer Multi-Pot retails for S$31 at Shopee.

9. Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes

For those who enjoy wearing warm glittery eyeshadows, definitely check out Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes.

This brand offers seven highly pigmented, warm colours that contain glitter pigments to add a pearly ‘wet’ sheen to the eyes. The water-melting technology in the cream also helps the eyeshadow to glide effortlessly on your eyelids, making application smooth and easy.

Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes retails for S$13.43 at Yesstyle.

10. Etude Bling Bling Eye Stick

Best Cream Eyeshadow Etude House

Source: Cindy Ernest

Glam up your makeup look with Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick. The intense concentration of gold glitter definitely accentuate the eyes for a ladies’ night out – and you only need this eyeshadow stick to accomplish the job. Even after a night of hard dancing, you can be assured that the colour and glitter will hold up.

Etude Bling Bling Eye Stick retails for S$8.90 at all Etude House boutiques and its Lazada store (there’s a discount going on at the time of writing, so click on the link for the latest price.)  

11. Nature Republic Eco Crayon Eyes

Source: Anna Boegh

Similar to Etude’s eyeshadow stick, Nature Republic Eco Crayon Eyes is a fuss-free, creamy eyeshadow that you can just glide over your lids for an immediate alluring look. Unlike Etude’s, however, the glitter is less intense – there is more shimmer with flecks of gold glitter chunks that make the shadow more appropriate for daytime. The eyeshadow also blends easily into the skin and lasts all day under the sun without needing to touch up.

Nature Republic Eco Crayon Eyes retails for S$12.41 at Yesstyle.

12. Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Eyeshadow

It would make sense for one of the most beloved Korean makeup artists to have a cream eyeshadow of her own, and Pony’s cream eyeshadow does not disappoint. Deviating from the natural hues that is common to Korean makeup, she opted for intense vibrant colours that delivers high pigmentation and long-lasting wear. There is a mix of matte and shimmer shades as well for those who prefer greater variation of colours.

Pony Effect Unlimited Cream Eyeshadow retails for S$22.97 at Shopee. There’s a huge discount going on at the time of writing so click on the link to see latest price.

13. VDL Expert Colour Pot Eyes

VDL sets off a new trend with their marbled cream eyeshadows. Out of the four colours in this line, two has a mix of different shimmer shadows that give an iridescent gloss over your eyelids when applied. The product contains a clear jelly base and crystal fixing polymer to ensure that the intense pigment lasts all day without creasing.

VDL Expert Colour Pot Eyes retails for S$27.45 at Yesstyle.

14. W.Lab Twinkle Glam Eyes

Best Cream Eyeshadow W.lab

Source: Nicole Yie

W.Lab Twinkle Glam Eyes is an intense gloss glitter eyeshadow, similar to Kat Von D Cush Creamfoil Long-wear Eyeshadow. It also has a metallic foil finish that is easily blended and very buildable for a day to night time look. However, W.Lab definitely offers a wider range of shades and are more warm-toned.

W.Lab Twinkle Glam Eyes retails for S$21.29 at Beautybox Korea.

How to apply cream eyeshadows

1. Use your fingers or a flat brush

Cream eyeshadows are understandably a lot more intimidating than powder. The colours are so intensely pigmented that if you’re not careful, you’ll have a giant mess on your eyes. We have discovered that the best way to apply cream shadows is to use your clean ring finger.

Simply dip it into the product and blend it over your eyelids to sheer it out and make the colour more even. You can always go back in for more if the colour is not as vibrant as you’d like. Alternatively, you can use a flat eyeshadow brush to pack the product onto your eyelids – this will give you a high gloss glitter or a solid matte colour.

2. Use the cream eyeshadow as a base

With cream shadows, you can always wear one simple colour to bring your whole look together. However, cream eyeshadows also make a great base for your powder ones because the fine powder will cling onto the cream, making the colour more vibrant and long-lasting, since the cream acts as an “adhesive” for the powder shadow.

3. Use powder to make the cream eyeshadow lasts

Now if you have super oily lids, coupled with the hot climate, you’d most likely have trouble with creasing and smudging. The products listed above will help you with the problem, but a good tip is also to set the cream eyeshadow with some translucent powder, or top it off with powder eyeshadow. The powder will absorb oil and sweat from your lids, making the cream eyeshadow last much longer.

Featured image taken from Survivor Peach and Memebox.