Here’s something that we can’t do by ourselves at home, even if we have the best skincare routine: a good extraction facial that removes all the gunk that is congesting our pores.

Clearing our pores of whiteheads and blackheads isn’t just a great way to prevent the occurrence of acne, but is also what we need if we want brighter, more radiant-looking skin.

If you’re looking for a good extraction facial to try, here are 19 of the best ones in town that you can consider.

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  1. Probeau Wellness

Probeau Wellness

Reviewer: Ariel Chua

Located just a stone’s throw away from Boon Keng MRT, Probeau Wellness is a facial salon well-loved by those in the know thanks to the long-standing reputation built by its founder, Aileen Teng, who has been in the beauty service business for more than 20 years.

A constant advocate of living a life of health, beauty, and wellness from the inside out, Aileen and her team of skilled beauticians offer a comprehensive suite of facials as well as diet advisory services to help address any skin type and condition.

These treatments and therapies are clearly effective as Probeau Wellness has garnered a steady pool of loyal customers over time – some have even entrusted their skin to the beauty salon for more than 27 years!

If you’re dealing with oily, acne-prone skin like me, you’d know how difficult it is to find an extraction facial that treats your skin type and concern while respecting your skin’s balance at the same time. So, I was intrigued to find out if the Clean & Calm Facial offered at Probeau Wellness would be the right fit for my skin.

The treatment started with the usual cleansing step, but what came next was a unique step that I’ve never encountered before: my facialist applied a mask that she said would help my pores “open up” to facilitate the upcoming extraction and make it less painful.

I have to admit, there was pain involved but unlike other facials that I’ve tried, this was a lot more bearable and I’d like to think that the pre-extraction mask definitely had something to do with it.

best extraction facial singapore probeau wellness before after

During the extraction, my facialist handed me a mirror so that I can watch her work as she meticulously cleared away all the dirt buildup in my skin. She further shared with me how important regular exfoliation is, as it can help unclog pores effectively and prevent such buildup which, in turn, helps to inhibit scarring of the skin in future.

Due to my skin’s excess sebum production, my facialist helped identify all the different areas where I had more blackheads and clogged pores as well, which was really useful for me to take note of in future.

Following the extraction, she used a combination of lymphatic drainage and acupressure massaged to rebalance my skin and also prep it for better absorption of the skincare products that’ll be applied to my skin. A high-frequency device soon followed suit, which she hovered about my face to help kill acne-causing bacteria while improving blood circulation and skin cell renewal.

Afterwards, my facialist followed up with a pore-tightening serum that also functions to eliminate any remaining impurities in the skin before applying a layer of soothing serum that’s infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate my skin and tone down redness.

best extraction facial singapore probeau wellness oatmeal mask application

My skin was treated to a soothing organic oatmeal mask at the end of the treatment

To wrap up my facial, my skin was treated to 20 minutes of bliss with an organic oatmeal mask that can help ease inflammation and further de-clog pores, followed by the necessary aftercare and sun protection.

While my skin was slightly inflamed after the extraction (which is understandable), I could certainly see a marked difference in the number of blackheads and clogged pores – especially in the area around my nose which is usually very oily.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the Clean & Calm Facial not only because of the results on my skin post-treatment but also because of the confidence that my facialist had in treating my skin – she made it a point to reassure me at every step and even allowed me to watch as she diligently extracted all the gunk and grime out of my skin.

Moreover, I personally find that Probeau Wellness is exceptionally ideal for those who are new to facials – every beautician here is trained to explain the various benefits of the skincare products used during the treatment and also share tips on how to take care of your skin even after the facial, which I think are immensely helpful for facial newbies.

The Clean & Calm Facial is priced at S$198 (90 minutes), but first-timers can enjoy it for a special price of S$$68!

Address: 23 Bendemeer Road, #01-515, Singapore 330023
Contact: 6297 3353, 9880 7333 (click on the number to send a WhatsApp message)
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat & Sun)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. June Skincare

June Skincare

Reviewer: Lynnett Yip

best extraction facials - june skincare

June Skincare is a cosy facial salon located in the Toa Payoh neighbourhood. The salon has a legion of loyal customers – women and men alike – since it started treating common skin concerns in 1999, and has even garnered a stellar rating of five out of five stars on Google Reviews!

Not only does June Skincare have a comprehensive facial menu to address various skin types and conditions, but it also uses its own line of products which are formulated to suit Asian skin.

Of late, my skin has started becoming more dehydrated and I was offered the opportunity to try the Cellular Moisturizing Treatment at June Skincare, a 120-minute hydrating facial that uses ultrasound therapy to hydrate the skin and stimulate new collagen production.

My facialist, Shean, began the treatment by cleansing the sunscreen off my face with a gentle milk cleanser.

A water scrubber tool is used to exfoliate the skin more effectively

After that, she used a water scrubber tool on my skin for about a minute – it’s said to be a gentler way to get rid of dulling dead skin cells.

A softening serum is then applied to my skin to prep and soften blackheads and whiteheads for the extraction process.

Shean’s touch was gentle yet firm during the extraction process

As I had a number of tiny comedones along my hairline, jawline, and cheeks, Shean took about 20 minutes to thoroughly and properly clear out all the trapped gunk on my face.

I’ve had my fair share of facials that came with awfully painful extractions even for someone who has high pain tolerance, but Shean’s extraction skills really impressed me.

Her touch was gentle yet firm and she made sure to check in with me especially during the extraction process to make sure that I was not experiencing any major discomfort.

A radiofrequency device is used to disinfect the skin following the extraction process

If you need, an optional complimentary eyebrow shaping will be offered to you. I’d declined Shean’s offer as I prefer to get my brows waxed.

She then moved on to disinfecting my skin with a radiofrequency device so that it’s all ready for the next steps: the application of a sensitive skin ampoule for calming benefits and a hydrating gel to lock in moisture.

An ultrasound device is used to offer anti-ageing benefits while encouraging better absorption of active ingredients

Then, it’s time for the star of the facial: ultrasound therapy. Shean began to massage my skin using a special device that emits non-invasive ultrasound energy, which she said can penetrate to the deepest skin layers to encourage better absorption of active ingredients and promote the skin’s natural collagen production.

Not only was the ultrasound therapy relaxing, but it was also incredibly soothing to my skin because the cooling applicator used during this particular step.

An oatmeal mask is applied to calm my reddened, slightly sensitive skin

Subsequently, Shean applied an oatmeal mask on my skin which was left on for 20 minutes for its skin-soothing properties to take effect.

While waiting, Shean gave me a much-needed shoulder massage with aromatherapy oil – it took every fiber of my being to stop myself from falling asleep since I had to take mental notes of my facial!

20 minutes later, Shean proceeded to wipe off the oatmeal mask before applying the necessary aftercare (toner, moisturiser, and sunblock) on my skin.

A quick post-facial skin check did indeed show that my skin looks a lot healthier after the Cellular Moisturizing Treatment. Aside from a cleaner canvas with all the pesky zits squeezed out, my skin texture is visibly better than before and my skin doesn’t feel as parched as well.

Overall, June Skincare’s Cellular Moisturizing Treatment is the much-needed thirst-quencher for those looking to quench their dehydrated skin.

Not only does it give your skin a good deep cleanse, but it also imparts a healthy radiance to your complexion which stays with you beyond the session.

Plus, it also helps that June Skincare’s team of facialists are all highly-trained so you can count on stepping out of the salon feeling comfortable in your own skin every time you visit.

The Cellular Moisturizing Treatment is priced at S$128 (120 minutes).

Address: Block 150 Toa Payoh Lor 1, #01-989, Singapore 310150
Contact: 6256 8767, or email [email protected]
Operating hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat & Sun) | Closed on PH
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. Caring Skin

Caring Skin

Caring Skin A+ Hydrogen Treatment Store

An expert in treating sensitive skin and acne, Caring Skin is known for its signature painless extractions that promise minimal downtime. This gentle feature is what catapulted the facial spa into mainstream popularity. It’s no surprise that their effective facials have garnered countless five-star reviews on Google and Facebook too.

If you’re looking for an effective facial to de-congest and brighten your skin, try Caring Skin’s A+ Hydrogen Treatment. This non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment uses Hydrogen and Plasma Ions to slough off dead skin and reduce blackheads. It’s suitable for all skin types, even acne-prone and sensitive skin. You’ll be pleased to know that this treatment won Best Detoxifying Facial in our recent Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards!

A+ Hydrogen Treatment

After a double cleanse, your aesthetician will apply AHA and BHA to exfoliate your skin. Plasma Ions or Hydrogen will then be applied to remove dead skin and blackheads to cleanse your pores thoroughly. Your aesthetician will then perform Caring Skin’s signature painless extraction, which is ideal for those who have sensitive skin or a lower pain threshold.

A hydrogel will then be applied on your skin. It contains active ingredients that will infuse your skin with moisture and nutrition. Then, a moisturising and soothing booster serum will be applied using a cryogenic activator to boost circulation and enhance skin absorption. Your treatment will end off with a customised mask infused with rose or chamomile.

The facial will also utilise other active ingredients such as lactobacillus, niacinamide, aloe vera and adenosine to strengthen, soothe, brighten, and revitalise your skin. After one session, you’ll notice visibly clearer, brighter, and plumped-up skin.

Caring Skin A+ Hydrogen Treatment Before After

If you’re interested in trying out this facial, we’ve got some good news to share. You can now enjoy the A+ Hydrogen Treatment at just S$98 (before GST, U.P. S$350). Click here to sign up!

Address: 205 Hougang Street 21, Kovan Heartland Mall, #03-10, Singapore 530205 |
391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #05-22, Singapore 238873 |
2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube, #02-18, Singapore 609731 |
445 Bedok North Street 1, Djitsun Mall, #02-04/05 , Singapore 469661
Contact: Call the following contact numbers to make an appointment or fill in the contact form on the website

  • 6242 3668 (Kovan)
  • 6235 3551 (Ngee Ann City)
  • 6737 7797 (JCube)
  • 6241 1711 (Djitsun Mall)

Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 8pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

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  1. Skin Paradise

Skin Paradise

Reviewer: Aimee

Best Extraction Facial Skin Paradise Store

Skin Paradise is a relatively new player among aesthetic salons in Singapore, which might explain why there aren’t many reviews on their Facebook page yet. However, their original location in Johor Bahru has been around since 2003 attracting many loyal customers from both Malaysia and Singapore.

They are located on East Coast Road, a bit further away from the downtown area. However, that’s what gives the salon a quiet, peaceful feel even before you step foot inside, which you don’t really get with salons that are more centrally located.

Before the facial started, Michelle, my therapist for the day, analysed my skin to identify my skin type and skin concerns. As my skin is oily with a dry surface, Michelle recommended the Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline treatment (VT treatment, in short) as it would help with hydrating and repairing my skin barrier so it could absorb and retain moisture better.

The treatment started with a double cleanse to remove all dirt and makeup residue from my face, followed by a bubble mask to cleanse my pores. I could feel a mild tingling sensation on my face as the tiny bubbles expanded and popped, which was actually quite fun.

Best Extraction Facial Skin Paradise Bubble Mask

Best Facial Extraction Skin Paradise Cleansing

The bubble mask helps with detoxifying and removing impurities from your pores

After the bubble mask came the extraction. Michelle told me that all facials at Skin Paradise comes with an extraction as they believe that only when your pores are clear can the skin absorb the products and the treatments be effective.

I told Michelle that this was my first time doing extraction, so she used a lighter hand at first to let me get used to the pain before slowly increasing the intensity. It was, as everyone else had warned me, indeed painful. However, when Michelle passed me the mirror to have a closer look at my pores, I could tell that they were a lot less congested and my skin had never felt so smooth.

Best Extraction Facial Skin Paradise Extraction

Next was the main part of the facial, the Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline treatment. The name of the treatment comes from the device used: a needle-free injection instrument that uses magnetic energy to directly inject skincare products into the basal layer of the skin – the innermost layer of the epidermis. This allows nutrients and active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin and nourish it from within.

According to Michelle, the Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline device will help improve the skin’s metabolism, which boosts cell renewal for brighter and firmer skin. It can also replenish moisture in the skin to plump up areas such as the cheeks.

As there are no needles involved, there was no bleeding or trauma caused to the skin. I didn’t feel anything as Michelle ran the instrument over my face twice, with two different serums.

Best Facial Extraction Skin Paradise Vt Treatment

The two serums used were customised depending on the customer’s skin needs. The ones used on me were packed with active ingredients such as anti-ageing Portulaca Oleracea Extract to fight against free radical damage, anti-inflammatory Taurine to soothe the skin, Nicotinamide – a form of vitamin B3 – to repair the skin’s barrier, and inhibit melanin production, and Sodium Hyaluronic to deeply hydration the skin.

Best Extraction Facial Skin Paradise Peptide Mask

The treatment ends with a peptide mask to seal off all the nutrients in the skin and provide the last boost of moisture and hydration.

I was also given two bottles of the two serums used during the Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline treatment to use at home so that my skin can continues to be nourished even after the facial.

Best Extraction Facial Skin Paradise Before After

After the treatment, I was worried that my skin would be red and I wouldn’t be able to go out, but the redness wasn’t actually too noticeable. I also found that there was a glow to my skin and it felt more plump and well-moisturised.

Most of the redness and red marks from the extraction were gone the next day and I loved how smooth and plumped up my skin felt. I would definitely come back for future sessions!

Address: 134A East Coast Road, Singapore 428819
Contact: 6348 6058, 8799 5829
Opening hours: 10am – 7.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat & Sun)
Website | Facebook 

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  1. Le Beau Spa

Le Beau Spa

Reviewer: Zile

best extraction facials - le beau spa

A hidden gem within Bugis Cube, Le Beau Spa is an elegant facial salon that specialises in extractions for acne and clogged pores. When I stepped into the spa, I was surprised by how pleasant the space was. It was a small paradise, especially away from the rather shabby interior of the mall.

Le Beau Spa’s signature facial, the Omakase Plant Treatment, boasts comfortable extraction for clogged pores and blackheads. Besides using only natural and organic plant extracts, the Omakase Plant Treatment is also customised to the skin condition and needs of every customer.

My session began with a skin consultation with the therapist. I slipped into fluffy bedroom slippers that the spa provided, and sat down in a cushioned chair across from the therapist.

The therapist asked me what my skin concerns were (dehydrated skin and blackheads), and the skincare products that I use in my everyday routine. After which, she asked me to remove my mask so she could inspect my skin.

After analysing my skin, she recommended a hydra ampoule and mask during the facial to give it a shot of moisture. This would also plump up my skin and reduce the “artificial” fine lines that were caused by dehydration.

best extraction facials - le beau spa

We then proceeded into the facial treatment room – just as lovely and cosy as the rest of the spa – to start the extraction facial proper.

Like every other facial treatment, the first step was a double cleanse. The therapist then used an enzyme peel on my face to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells, and prep my skin for the extraction step that was soon to happen.

Next, she placed a steaming machine at a slight distance from my face, so the mist enveloped my skin in a steady but not overwhelming stream. It was comfortable and the vapour didn’t feel too heavy or warm on my skin like it sometimes does at other facials.

My pores were softened and ready for the (anticipated) extraction step.

During the extraction, the therapist was light and deft in her touch. She checked in on how I was feeling throughout the process, and would let me know when she was going to perform extractions on the stubbornly clogged pores.

Besides preparing myself for the pain of the few particularly uncomfortable extractions (I had already been warned), the rest of the process didn’t hurt. Although I didn’t have too many clogged pores on my skin, only mostly blackheads on my nose, my therapist was very thorough with the extraction process.

best extraction facials - le beau spa

The extraction process was complete, but the next step in the facial was key to tightening my cleaned-out pores. The therapist applied a hydrating ampoule to my skin using a nano freeze machine, which was supposed to help the product penetrate into the deeper layers of my skin. Since a hydrating ampoule was used, the process should help to plump my skin.

best extraction facials - le beau spa

She performed this step on half of my face first so that I could see the difference. I was surprised to notice that there was a visible reduction in the fine lines under my eyes, as well as the size of the pores on my cheeks. This step is particularly helpful for those who do regular extractions, as their pores tend to appear larger on the face, the therapist explained.

The facial treatment proceeded with a super satisfying facial massage, which used traditional Chinese massage techniques. The therapist pressed the acupressure points on my face to unblock the meridian channels and encourage circulation.

best extraction facials - le beau spa

She performed this on half of my face first, so that I could compare once again. Indeed, this massage wasn’t just for relaxation; it also helped to plump the skin around my eyes, lift the apples of my cheeks, and sculpt my jawline. I could observe a visible difference when I looked at my face in the mirror.

Finally, the therapist wrapped up the treatment by applying a thick, cool mask onto my face. She also gave me a thorough shoulder massage while the mask was on – a bonus for those who dislike being left alone to wait while the mask sets!

Overall, I enjoyed Le Beau Spa’s Omakase Plant Treatment extraction facial, and would recommend others to visit for a pampering pick-me-up, any day!

Le Beau Spa’s Omakase Plant Treatment is priced at S$58 instead of S$268 for first-timers, for a limited time only.

Address: 470 North Bridge Road, Bugis Cube, #03-01, Singapore 188735
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 9780 0878
Facebook | Instagram

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W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders

Reviewer: Lynnett Yip

Wow Wellness Oneness Wonders Interior

Located strategically opposite Parkway Parade behind the bustling East Coast Road, it’s quite hard to imagine a peaceful sanctuary like W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders nestled in the east coast.

Founded in late 2019 by three friends, W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders is Singapore’s only café-style beauty salon that’s inspired by gardens and themed around art.

Beyond the Insta-worthy decor, the salon is all about customisable treatments using proven and innovative technologies that are “needleless and non-invasive” to address all your skin needs and concerns.

Upon arriving at the cheerful, well-lit outlet that’s surrounded by lush greenery, I was welcomed by the friendly salon manager who wasted no time in introducing me to my therapist of the day after completing a couple of forms.

After changing out into my spa outfit, my therapist began the treatment with an aromatherapy breathing exercise and shoulder massage to relax my senses.

Thereafter, she proceeded to give my skin a thorough cleanse with makeup remover and face wash before taking a closer look at the condition of my bare skin with a skin analyser to determine my skin concerns for the day, which were dryness, pigmentation as well as early signs of collagen loss (yikes!).

After explaining the Pre+Probiotic Treatment that I’d be trying out, she moved on to apply a gentle enzyme peeling mask to slough away grime and dead skin cells. This then prepped my skin for extraction, which was one of the most comfortable processes I’ve ever experienced.

My therapist was super gentle and made every effort to check on my comfort level, but her technique was so refined that I barely felt anything when she was getting all the trapped gunk out of my face.

Wow Wellness Oneness Wonders Pre Probiotic Facial Mask Application

The final step of my facial was a custom cooling face mask to quench my skin’s thirst

Following a face and eye massage treatment, she applied the first custom serum that’s packed with prebiotics and probiotics to treat my skin dryness and used a special handheld device to improve absorption and deliver antibacterial properties.

Then, my therapist followed up with a second custom pre- and probiotic serum that’s formulated for skin-brightening and glided the same device to help the serum penetrate deeper into my skin.

Finally, I enjoyed a little bit more shut-eye as my therapist slathered on a cooling face mask to provide my skin with much-needed hydration before wrapping up the session with an aftercare application.

Extraction Facial Wow Wellness Oneness Wonders Before After Skin Texture

Right after the treatment, I immediately noticed that my skin feels less dry and my complexion looked brighter. I was also pleasantly surprised that the extraction sites weren’t as red or inflamed, thanks to the skin-calming face mask.

You may have noticed that the facial uses both prebiotics and probiotics in the treatment step, instead of using just one or the other like most facials on the market do.

The reason behind using prebiotics and probiotics in this facial? It’s because the former functions like food for good bacteria in our skin to consume while the latter is essentially good bacteria that’s added to our skin to rebalance its microbiome and strengthen its resilience.

What I especially like about the facial is that it’s entirely customisable for each skin concern. That means even those with acne, ageing, and even sensitive skin concerns can benefit from the treatment, since it’s designed to optimise the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria in your skin, thus allowing it to repair and renew itself properly.

After the session, experience a 360-degree wellness journey with Remedy’s kombucha, which is rich in probiotics to enrich you from the inside out.

The 90-minute Pre+Probiotic Treatment is priced at S$268, but first-timers can enjoy it for a special price of S$38! To enjoy this special promotion, simply book this facial via Salon Finder.

W.O.W! Wellness has also partnered with SP+Pilates|Yoga to offer treatments at special rates for SP+Pilates|Yoga members and W.O.W! customers!

Address: 50 East Coast Road, #01-109/102, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769 (next to Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy Hotel)
Contact: 6243 3383, 8838 4882 (click on the number to send a WhatsApp message)
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | 10am – 6pm (Sun)
Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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  1. Estetica


Reviewer: Lynnett Yip

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty storefront

If you consider yourself a skincare enthusiast, chances are you’d have come across a local skincare brand called ést.lab – and the driving force behind ést.lab is Estetica, a beauty services company that’s known to many as the pioneer in the research and development of cutting-edge cosmetic technology and innovation.

Estetica is incredibly passionate about R&D in the beauty industry, so much so that it’s the only homegrown beauty company collaborating with A*STAR, Singapore’s leading public research institute, in a joint laboratory.

As I made my way into Estetica’s newly revamped outlet in Plaza Singapura, I was genuinely impressed by the aesthetics of its spa outlet, which looked clean, serene, and inviting.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by the friendly facialist who ushered me to the consultation room for an AI-powered SkinTech Analysis that scientifically assessed my skin condition based on eight components, including my skin’s sebum and moisture levels, elasticity, and even the severity of clogged pores.

Based on the analysis results, she recommended Estetica’s award-winning Meridian Detox Facial, which my fatigued skin and dark eye circles would especially benefit from as the facial is designed to promote detoxification using a combination of Eastern and Western techniques.

After changing into my spa robe, my facialist began the treatment with a thorough cleanse and scrub to get rid of any sunscreen, excess sebum, and dirt.

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty treatment room

Thereafter, she applied a layer of toner-soaked cotton pads to cool down and soften my skin for extraction before giving me a much-needed relaxing shoulder massage.

As results from the skin analysis revealed that my skin is rather sensitive to heat, she recommended skipping the facial steaming step to minimise stimulation to my skin.

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty extraction and serum application

After extraction (left), it was time to quench my skin’s thirst with a generous application of ést.lab’s hydrating serum (right)

I was pleasantly surprised that the extraction process remained comfortable even without the use of a traditional facial steamer, which I’m more used to. My facialist’s touch was also very gentle and refined, and she ensured that I was comfortable at all times, which I really appreciated.

The extraction process was fairly quick, and she proceeded to treat my skin dryness with a generous dose of ést.lab’s hydrating serum. Following that was a quick face massage using a nutritive cream to prep my skin for the hero step of the Meridian Detox Facial: the bojin therapy.

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty bojin step

For me, the bojin therapy was more focused on my eyes during this session to reduce my dark eye circles

An Eastern method that has been performed for centuries using a special ox horn tool, bojin is capable of providing all the benefits of gua sha and invigorating your skin from the inside out – minus the redness that you’d typically get from the latter.

Results that you get from bojin therapy are also said to be longer-lasting and more significant too, as it works on deeper skin tissues to target the root cause of your skin problems which can be linked to your overall health.

In other words, your skin will look visibly brighter, firmer, and more even-toned as bojin is able to “open up” blocked meridian channels of your skin to increase circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, and relieve facial tension without leaving your skin hot and flushed.

The non-invasive bojin therapy also promises to help reduce eye bags and dark undereye circles. The facialist took note of my condition and dedicated more time to performing the bojin treatment around my eyes to alleviate my “panda eyes”.

I’ve previously tried gua sha facials but not a facial with bojin therapy – and seeing how thin and small the ox horn tool was, I couldn’t help but wonder if it’d be painful when she pressed the tool on my face.

My worries were, of course, unfounded because it was so comfortable that I even fell asleep during the process. The movements were slow and gentle, and I only felt slightly greater strength from the facialist when she reached the meridian points of my face.

To wrap things up, she slathered on a hydrating modelling face mask which was left on for about 20 minutes before applying the usual post-facial skincare.

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty meridian detox facial before after

My skin looked brighter and the puffiness on my cheeks had reduced after the facial

Right after the treatment, I immediately noticed that my complexion looked brighter, more lifted, and less tired. As you can tell, the puffiness is gone and my skin didn’t look red or inflamed either – extraction spots included. Even my dark undereye circles looked less severe, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

What I especially liked about this East-meets-West facial is that it can be personalised with ést.lab’s award-winning skincare to target your skin concern each time you enjoy the treatment. If you’re struggling especially with fatigued, lacklustre skin, sagginess, or puffiness, the Meridian Detox Facial by Estetica is definitely a must-try.

Do note that the Meridian Detox Facial is not suitable for you if you’re an expectant mother, have fillers done on your face in the past three months, or are dealing with skin injuries or inflammation.

The 90-minute Meridian Detox Facial is priced at S$300, but Daily Vanity readers who are new to Estetica can enjoy it at a special price of S$88 by signing up here!

Address: See the full list of locations on the website
Contact: Find the full list of contact numbers on the website or book online here
Opening hours: 10.30am – 8pm (Mon to Sun, including PH)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. Apple Queen Beauty

Apple Queen Beauty

apple queen beauty storefront

Nestled within International Plaza at Tanjong Pagar, Apple Queen Beauty offers a vast range of beauty treatments to suit your needs and address your most pressing skin concerns. In fact, the beauty salon has helped to treat the acne-prone skin of countless customers.

If you’re struggling to get rid of clogged pores, bumps, and blemishes, we recommend trying the Signature B5 Extraction Facial.

It begins with a consultation, where your beautician will assess your skin and find out more about your skin concerns. As you rest in one of their cosy rooms, the beautician will proceed to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin in preparation for the extraction step.

Using only advanced techniques, she will perform a gentle facial extraction to purge blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin cells on your face. It’s practically painless, so those with a lower pain threshold can breathe easy.

This is followed by a serum and purifying vitamin B5 booster, introduced to the skin using an ultrasound machine. If you didn’t know, vitamin B5 (a.k.a. panthenol) is an underrated ingredient that helps to promote skin tissue renewal, wound recovery, and antibody production.

This effective antioxidant also has anti-ageing and skin barrier-strengthening properties, making it the perfect ingredient to help heal acne-prone skin.

best extraction facials apple queen beauty before after

apple queen beauty extraction facial before after 2

Depending on your skin type, your extraction facial will end off with a soothing gel mask or soft mask, followed by the application of a serum. You’ll see smoother, clearer skin with regular sessions, just like Apple Queen Beauty’s customers have.

The 90 to 120-minute Signature B5 Extraction Facial is priced at S$139!

Address: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Contact: Call 6221 9569 or WhatsApp 8868 4778
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | Closed on Sun
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Ceramique Aesthetics.Wellness

Reviewer: Franchesca

Who knew there’d be a tranquil haven right in the middle of town?

Located in the bustling heart of Orchard lies a quaint and minimalist salon that welcomes you with such warmth and calm. Ceramique Aesthetics.Wellness is a specialist salon that provides tailor-made skin treatments, on top of hair removal sessions and body therapy. They also have another branch in Chinatown.

Ceramique Aesthetics.Wellness promises their customers a relaxing experience and instantly glowing, radiant skin. And let me tell you, that’s just what I got!

I went in for the Anti-Imperfect Extraction Facial, which treats acne, blackheads, clogged pores and skin inflammation. The entire session lasted for approximately 90 minutes but can vary depending on the extraction process.

The session left me feeling rejuvenated and fresh. While 120 minutes seem like a long time, that time just passes by once you start your session. You’ll definitely wish it was longer; I know I did.

Best Extraction Facial Ceramique Aesthetics Consultation

Skin analysis and consultation at Ceramique Aesthetics.Wellness

My session started with an in-depth consultation with the consultant. She gave me a quick skin assessment and meticulously explained the treatment and its steps. She walked me through what each step was meant to do and what products would be used. Unlike many other facial treatments out there, Ceramique uses organic products from France, a brand that specialises in organic skincare. So, you can rest assured knowing that there aren’t any harmful chemicals touching your skin.

After the consultation, it was time to finally start the facial. It began with a lymphatic face and shoulder massage that will relax your body and mind. In an instant, you’ll be transported into a calm space and forget that you’re right in the middle of bustling Orchard.

Next came a double cleanse that cleansed away impurities while still leaving your skin supple and soft. This was followed by a balancing solution which purified my skin and helped reduced any inflammation.

After that, it was time to exfoliate. If you have sensitive skin like me, exfoliating can be quite daunting, but as I mentioned earlier, Ceramique uses organic products for this Anti-Imperfect Extraction Facial. On top of that, their beauticians are all highly trained and have years of experience in treating an array of skin conditions. So, even with the potential harshness of exfoliating, my skin still felt healthy and clean.

Best Extraction Facial Ceramique Aesthetics Process 1

Extraction process at Ceramique Aesthetics.Wellness

Then, came the ‘hard’ part. If you have ever had an extraction facial before, you know that it can be very far from relaxing. It can hurt and even make you shed a tear or two. But at Ceramique, they use a new extraction technique which is much more detailed than traditional extraction processes. It was a lot less painful than any other extraction I’d had before. Beyond that, my beautician also made sure to slow her pace whenever I felt any sort of pain.

Best Extraction Facial Ceramique Aesthetics Process 2

After the extraction, it was time for an antiseptic application which purified and cleansed the skin. It also helped stimulate the skin to protect from any future spots and pimples. There was a slight tingling sensation during this step, but it wasn’t too bad to handle.

Next came another lymphatic massage, followed by a mask, which helped control sebum production, as well as lock in all the goodness from the previous steps.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and my facial treatment was finished off with a hydrating cream that kept sebum at bay. The cream was rich in essential oils which helped refine and tighten pores and smooth skin texture.

After the treatment, I instantly noticed how radiant my skin looked. My skin looked brighter, more supple and less oily. I even noticed that a lot of my acne pigmentation had lightened. Also, usually after an extraction facial, I would expect my skin to look red, but this time it wasn’t. It was all probably due to Ceramique’s unique extraction technique.

Best Extraction Facial Ceramique Aesthetics Left

Best Extraction Facial Ceramique Aesthetics Right

To continue the amazing effects of my treatment, I was given a few product testers to try at home. Over the next few days, I definitely noticed my skin looking brighter and a lot healthier. I also had no new breakouts, which was truly impressive.

The whole experience was absolutely fantastic, from the top-notch service to the immaculate décor. And of course, the facial. It’s just what you need if you’re looking to give your skin some TLC.

Get the first trial (for new customers only) of the Anti-Imperfect Extraction Facial at S$98 (U.P. S$288). For more information on all of their services, visit Ceramique Aesthetics’ website or Facebook page.

Another deal that you shouldn’t pass up? It’s the Cell Rebirth Micro Needling Facial by Ceramique Aesthetics, which recently scored the Best Micro-needling Facial award in Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2020, that’s now going for just S$98 instead of S$188! This special promotion is only applicable to first-time customers, and you redeem it by clicking on this link.

Address: 235A/237A New Bridge Road, Singapore 059436 | 181 Orchard Road, #03-13/14, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896 |  10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1, #04-29, Singapore 529536

  • Chinatown: 6222 0938, 6222 0208, 9637 6557 (click to send a WhatsApp message)
  • Orchard Central: 6509 0632, 9152 9909 (click to send a WhatsApp message)
  • Tampines 1: 6208 4984, 86664984 (click to send a WhatsApp message)

Opening hours:

  • Chinatown: 11.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
  • Orchard Central: 11am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
  • Tampines 1: 11.30am – 8.30pm (Mon top Fri) | 10.30am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

Website | Facebook

View all their services and book an appointment here

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  1. SG Face

SG Face

Reviewer: Keith

sg face storefront

Nestled within Holland Road Shopping Centre, SG Face is a hidden gem that offers a variety of facials to target numerous skin concerns, such as acne, dryness, dullness, and more.

With nearly 20 years of experience under their belt, SG Face uses only high-quality natural and organic products from respected spa brands such as Babor, Jurlique, and DIBI Milano, so their facials are suitable even for sensitive skin.

You’ll be pleased to know that SG Face’s facial extraction is a speciality, and their estheticians take pride in employing a thorough yet less painful technique to extract gunk from your pores.

As I haven’t been very diligent with my skincare routine as of late, whiteheads have started showing up on my face. My combination-oily skin felt rough to the touch too, so I felt it was the right time to head down for an extraction facial.

sg face extraction facial review cleanse

My esthetician began with a simple cleanse, which smelled a little like clay to me. She informed me that the products they use aren’t scented too, which is ideal for those with sensitive skin. She then followed up with a gentle scrub that had microbeads in it.

To prep my skin for the extraction, the esthetician applied a few essence-soaked sheets on my face and left a steam on for about five to 10 minutes to soften my blackheads and whiteheads.

sg face extraction facial review extract

Then came the main event: extraction. The process was performed from my temples to my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Unlike past experiences where estheticians would use their fingers to squeeze out my blackheads and whiteheads painfully, SG Face’s extraction was skillfully done with a metal tool.

Because I hadn’t gone for a facial in quite some time, this step felt slightly painful, but certainly not the most painful process I’ve experienced. My esthetician also checked in with me to ensure that it did not hurt as much, so I really appreciated that.

sg face extraction facial review disinfect

After the extraction, she used a machine with a tip that emitted red light and low-voltage electricity to disinfect my skin. It wasn’t painful at all, but it was a new sensation for me.

sg face extraction facial review cooling device

Then, she applied a serum that was meant to brighten and tighten my skin, and paired it with a cooling machine that emitted blue light. I enjoyed the experience and loved the facial massage. The process was so relaxing that it actually put me to sleep!

sg face extraction facial review metal plate

While waiting for the serum to be absorbed by my skin, they placed a metal plate under my right arm and shoulder. It’s meant to promote lymphatic drainage as well as improve product absorption and skin firmness.

Some extraction facials I’ve tried would follow up with a clay mask, which can feel quite heavy and uncomfortable, but SG Face used a thick serum that felt nourishing yet light on the skin.

sg face extraction facial review before after 1

While my skin did look a little red after the facial, I think it looked brighter and felt cleaner too. My stubborn whiteheads had disappeared and my skin looked smoother, which prompted me to start taking care of my skin again.

SG Face’s Acne Deep Pore Cleansing + Italian Diamond Peel Facial is priced at S$160 (U.P. S$380, 50% off for first time customers). Click here to book an appointment!

Address: 211 Holland Ave, Holland Road Shopping Centre, #03-42, Singapore 278967
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am to 7pm (Sat & Sun)
Contact: Call 6763 9466, WhatsApp 9723 5409, or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. OS Aesthetic

OS Aesthetic

Reviewer: Karin Cheong

OS Aesthetic Extraction Facial the spa bed

OS Aesthetic may be conveniently located in the heart of bustling Orchard, but its relaxing ambience makes it a welcomed respite from city life.

This newly renovated minimalist salon has been providing beauty services for over 20 years, with a strong commitment to bring their customers closer to their health and beauty targets with their time-tested treatments.

Among their treatments, its 5D Antioxidant Glow Facial – an extraction facial treatment – stands out. This treatment uses safe and non-invasive techniques such as oxygen infusion to achieve rejuvenated and hydrated skin.

After the facial, you can enjoy refreshed, decongested, and youthful looking skin.

For me, I was very curious about the kind of technological devices that would be used during the facial, as most extractions I’ve done were quite basic.

OS Aesthetic Extraction Facial skin analysis

Before the facial, a skin analysis was done to determine what kind of skin problems I had. I quite enjoyed this step, as the beautician was able to identify skin issues I had on different parts of my face as well as tips on how to manage my skin concerns. A general report was also provided to me for my reference later, which I found very helpful.

Then, it was time for the pampering to begin. The first step was a double cleansing using milk and a specially formulated bubble cleanser.

After that, a gentle exfoliating scrub was used. It was totally non abrasive and left my skin feeling smooth and supple. Following each step, I really felt that my face was cleaned of all its dirt and grime.

OS Aesthetic Extraction Facial extraction

Next step was their signature painless extraction that is supposed to deliver smooth and blackhead-free results.

I was very impressed with the skills of my beautician, as the entire extraction process was almost pain-free, save for some areas where there were stubborn blackheads and pimples.

I also appreciated how friendly and attentive the beautician was, as she constantly checked if I felt any discomfort, and it made me feel like I was in safe hands. She also made sure I did not feel too cold in the air-conditioned room and even provided me with an extra blanket, making sure that I felt comfortable during every step of the treatment.

OS Aesthetic Extraction Facial oxygen serum

Once the extraction was done, it was time for a vitamin and hyaluronic acid serum to be applied to my face.

What was interesting is that pure oxygen was used to infuse the serum into my face, allowing for better hydration and a boost in skin cell renewal. The beautician also gave me a face and shoulder massage to relax and calm down my skin, which felt thoroughly relaxing.

Then came my favourite part of the facial, which was the customised mask with flora-infused ingredients like organic essential oils and centella asiatica extract.

It really helped to soothe my freshly extracted skin and relax my senses. In fact, it was so soothing that I almost fell asleep during this step – I really struggled to try and keep myself awake!

OS Aesthetic Extraction Facial light therapy

The very last step of the facial was the “Heal Laser Light”. A light device was placed over my face to help even out my skin tone and improve collagen production.

I had heard about LED light therapy, so the idea of using light to stimulate the skin’s cells was not new to me, but it was still something that I had not experienced much in the facial treatments I’ve gone for.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the extraction facials I had experienced in the past were quite basic. So, I was really amazed at the different devices used throughout the treatment as it really made the process feel very pampering, thorough, and luxurious.

It really was a unique experience that helped to open my eyes to relaxing and high-tech facial treatments.

OS Aesthetic Extraction Facial before and after

Moving onto the results, my skin not only felt smooth immediately after the facial, but looked brighter as well.

Even a couple of days after the treatment, my skin was still smooth and clean. I’ve even noticed that there’s a certain glow to my skin that I didn’t used to have, so I am absolutely happy with the results. This is definitely one facial treatment that I will be recommending to all my friends and family.

The good news is that the 90-minute facial treatment has a S$128 trial price (U.P.: S$288), and Daily Vanity readers get to enjoy it at a promotional price of S$108!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, 03-16-17-18 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Contact: 9636 3822
Opening hours: 11am – 8:30pm (Mon to Fri), 11am – 8pm (Sat), 11am – 7:30pm (Sun & Public Holiday)
Facebook | Instagram 

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Impression Face & Body Care

Reviewer: Lynnett Yip

best extraction facial singapore impression face and body care

Centrally located at Stamford Court which is a 5-minute walk away from City Hall MRT, Impression Face & Body Care is a facial and wellness salon that offers an extensive suite of services to help you solve any skin concerns that you may have.

Impression Face & Body Care is renowned for its skin growth removal services but it’s also one of the go-to salons for extraction facials like the Silk Protein Face Treatment.

After making my way into the waiting area, I was welcomed by the friendly facialist who carefully observed my skin condition while filling up the necessary consultation form.

Noting that my skin is dry on the outside and oily on the inside, she affirmed that I will greatly benefit from the Silk Protein Face Treatment and ushered me to store my belongings in the locker area just around the corner of the waiting area – how convenient!

impression face and body care exfoliation water scrubber

My facialist then led me to my treatment room and upon changing out into my spa robe, my facialist began the treatment with a thorough cleanse to remove any trace of sunscreen, excess sebum, and gunk.

Using a water scrubber tool (pictured above), she continued with the exfoliation step to gently get rid of dead skin cells and prep my skin for the main event of the facial: extraction.

impression face and body care extraction step

I have mostly whiteheads that stay under the surface of my skin, which means extraction can be painful sometimes if not done correctly.

Luckily for me, my facialist kept the entire process fairly comfortable as she gently and meticulously made her way across my face to tackle as many whiteheads (and blackheads alike) as possible.

After extracting all the trapped impurities, she proceeded to apply a layer of pimple gel all over my face before disinfecting my skin with a high-frequency tool.

impression face and body care serum application

Thereafter, my facialist applied a generous amount of Sensiplus Silk Protein Essential Serum and used a special device to aid deeper penetration of the hydrating serum into the skin layers.

Then, it was time to nourish my skin with a massage cream followed by a five-minute face massage to lightly firm my skin without overstimulating it.

I also received an Eye & Neck Care treatment during the facial, which is available as a chargeable add-on that you can ask for if you’d like to give these oft-neglected areas a little extra TLC.

Following that was a double-layered mask using a combination of Sensiplus Silk Protein Mask and a rose mask to further soothe and hydrate my parched skin.

While waiting for the mask to work its magic, my facialist gave me a much-needed relaxing massage with aromatherapy oil to relieve all the tight knots in my shoulders.

After 20 minutes, she removed the thick layer of the mask and wrapped things up with the usual post-facial skincare.

impression face and body care silk protein face treatment review before after

Instantly after the treatment, I noticed my skin looks more revitalised and also feels cleaner and smoother as its thirst got massively quenched with silk protein, the hero ingredient of the facial.

Because my skin is no longer as dehydrated as before, it looks calmer with less redness too. Even the mild flakiness on my cheeks seems to have disappeared as well.

I was informed that with regular sessions, the Silk Protein Face Treatment can better improve skin’s moisture levels and reduce skin sensitivity caused by dehydration, which I’m certain would be the case given the results I’ve reaped from just the first session.

The 90-minute Silk Protein Face Treatment is priced at S$206, but first-timers can enjoy the treatment at S$69!

Address: 61 Stamford Road, Stamford Court, #01-05, Singapore 178892
Contact: 6333 9093 or book online here
Opening hours: 11.30am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat & Sun) | 10am – 5.30pm (PH)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. Maska Beauty

Maska Beauty

Reviewer: Joyce Tan

maskabeauty storefront

Maska Beauty started in November 1997 and has been around for 25 years, which is a testament to their excellent services and loyal customer base. In fact, the majority of Maska Beauty’s customers are repeat customers who have experienced positive results from their treatments. They have since referred family and friends who have also become loyal patrons of this salon.

Their mission is to go above and beyond to help customers achieve a glowing and healthy complexion. Located in the vibrant heartlands of Ang Mo Kio, the salon is a serene respite from the hustle and bustle outside. Upon removing my shoes and stepping into the clean and quiet salon, I was greeted by the friendly owner Yvonne.

Before the facial began, Yvonne analysed my skin issues and let me know that my pores appeared to be rather congested, especially around the chin. I’m usually quite apprehensive to try facials because I have reactive, acne-prone skin that is easily aggravated, but she assured me that I could let my therapist know if the extraction got too painful, and I braced myself for a tense session.

maskabeauty review mild enzyme gel

The therapist began the treatment with a thorough facial cleanse using a cleansing milk. She then used a gentle scrub to exfoliate my face and proceeded to apply a mild Enzyme Gel. This step removed dead skin and encouraged the absorption of the skincare ingredients applied thereafter.

maskabeauty closeup

It was then time for the main event – the extraction. I was sure it would be painful due to the number of clogged pores I had, but the process went far better than I had anticipated.

The therapist was quick but thorough, and the pain was quite minimal and tolerable compared to other facials I’ve tried in the past. She covered every area of my face, concentrating on the nose and chin. She also periodically asked if I was doing alright, which I appreciated.

maskabeauty high frequency wand

Following the extraction, my therapist used a high-frequency wand to soothe the irritated areas and prevent inflammation. She then used an antiseptic cream to prevent infection.

Now that the hardest part of the facial was over, I could relax and enjoy the rest of the treatment. The therapist gave me a comforting face massage and applied a calming serum that helps to control oil and shrink the pores.

maskabeauty mask

Next, a blissfully cooling mask infused with plant extracts was applied to cool down my face and reduce redness. While I don’t usually enjoy the chilly feeling of masks, this one felt ultra-soothing on my skin. The lights were turned off and I was left to rest with the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes. When the mask had hardened, it was gently peeled off my face.

This was followed by my favourite part of the facial – a much-needed head and shoulder massage. To ease the knots and bunched up muscles in my neck and shoulders, the therapist used an impressive range of techniques and firm strokes on my pressure points.

I was pleasantly surprised because I had expected this part of the treatment to be quite brief, but the therapist was clearly well-trained and went the extra mile. I’d say the massage quality is on par with that of many professional masseurs, and it was a relaxing treat to end the session with.

maskabeauty review before after

To complete the treatment, the therapist applied toner, moisturiser, and (optional) sunscreen on my face. Even though I had red marks on my face due to the extraction of many closed comedones, the redness gradually subsided over the next two days. My skin was also smoother and brighter, where it had previously looked dull.

To prevent inflammation and infection, I was given a tiny plastic container containing a small amount of antiseptic cream to be applied after cleansing for the next three days.

It’s been six days since the facial and I’ve noticed that my skin texture has improved and the blackheads on my nose have significantly decreased. According to Maska Beauty, anyone experiencing similar issues with clogged pores and acne should seek treatment every three weeks during the initial stage. You can return to the salon once a month for maintenance once your condition has improved.

If you’re not sure if you’re a good candidate for a treatment or just want to learn more about the services Maska Beauty provides, you may schedule a no-obligation, free consultation. Yvonne and her team are warm and welcoming, and they will gladly answer any queries you may have.

The Exfoliating Clogged Pores Facial Treatment is priced at S$138 (90 minutes). First-timers enjoy a promotional price of S$98! You can call the number below to book an appointment or make an online booking here.

Address: Block 452 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-1793, Singapore 560452
Contact: 6453 1076 (Call for appointment), 9113 6196 (WhatsApp to change your time slot)
Operating hours: 10am – 8.30pm (Tues to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
Website | Instagram

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Kelyn Esther (Save S$60 on Salon Finder!)

Best Extraction Facial Singapore Kelyn Esther

At Kelyn Esther, opt for the Clarifying Dead Sea Mud Facial, which deep cleanses clogged pores, whiteheads, and blackheads with the use of dead sea mud masks that can help reduce dirt, toxins, and sebum while restoring skin elasticity.

The 60-minute treatment is available for S$119 – book on Salon Finder!

Address: 269 Queen Street, #02-227, Singapore 180269
Contact: 9889 9449
Opening Hours: 11pm – 9pm (Tue to Fri) |  10am – 8pm (Sat & Sun) | Closed on Mondays, public holidays and alternate Sundays
Website | Facebook | Instagram

View all their services and book an appointment here

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Glomax Aesthetics (Enjoy S$30 on Salon Finder)

Best Extraction Facial Singapore Glomax Aesthetics

Their best anti-acne treatment, the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment uses the popular double cleansing method, extractions, light technology and a customised face mask to treat inflammatory acne, improve facial scarring, and reveal a clear complexion.

Save S$30 and pay only S$120 (U.P. S$150) when you book the 90-minute treatment via Salon Finder.

Address: 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #06-168, Soho 2, Singapore 059819
Contact: 6225 5193, 9459 0795
Opening hours: 10am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am to 5pm (Sat & Sun)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

View all their services and book an appointment here

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  1. Absolute Skin

Absolute Skin

Best Extraction Facial Absolute Skin

Absolute Skin has a 4.6-star rating on Facebook, which tells you how satisfied their customers are. Most reviewers are happy with the results that they see after going for treatments at Absolute Skin.

Many attested that their skin problems were resolved from the customised treatments and advice from the therapists and others say that they love how there is no hard-selling and that the staff are friendly and professional.

For a good extraction facial, consider their Signature Deep Pore Cleansing treatment. This uses the Biomaster cleansing machine as an extraction tool to remove both superficial and deep whiteheads and blackheads. Besides improving breakouts, this facial treatment can also improve roughness, dullness, and overall skin quality.

The Signature Deep Pore Cleansing treatment is priced at S$128.

Address: 360 Orchard Road, #03-01/04, International Building, Singapore 238869
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 7.30pm (Sat) | Closed on Sundays
Contact details: 6735 3608
Website | Facebook

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  1. Bud Cosmetics

Bud Cosmetics

Best Extraction Facial Singapore Bud Cosmetics

While there are three Bud Cosmetics outlets island-wide, the brand offers facial and body treatments at its Mandarin Gallery outlet only

The Living Nature Detox Facial by Bud Cosmetics is the perfect choice for you if your skin is stressed out by the pollution in the air (whose isn’t?) or just have oily, acne-prone skin, as they use New Zealand’s famed Halloysite Clay to unclog pores, leaving skin clear and well-balanced while antimicrobial active Manuka honey helps cleanse and heal for skin nourishment and repair. 

The 60-minute treatment is priced at S$118. 

Address: 333A Orchard Road, #03-32, Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Contact: 6733 5782
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Tue to Sun) | Closed on Mondays
Website | Facebook | Instagram

View all their services and book an appointment here

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  1. Amber Beila

Amber Beila

Amber Beila Interior

Amber Beila’s Acne Treatment Facial is perfect for sensitive skin that requires ultra-gentle handling. Their process includes gentle exfoliation to unclog pores and remove dirt and sebum, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles at the same time. The 75-minute treatment is available at S$83.46 on Salon Finder.

Address: 1 Raffles Place, #05-19A, Singapore 048616 |
14 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599601
Contact: 6532 2668 (Raffles Place), 6365 2668 (Beauty World)
Opening hours:

  • Raffles Place: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | Closed on Sundays
  • Beauty World: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat & Sun)

Website | Facebook | Instagram

View all their services and book an appointment here

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  1. J Studios

J Studios

Best Extraction Facial Singapore J Studios

J Studios offers these specialised treatments to clear your pores for a better and healthier complexion:

Address: 31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224
Contact: 9182 8565
Opening Hours:
11am to 10pm (Mon to Sun)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

View all their services and book an appointment here

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Summary of websites and deal pages for the best extraction facials in Singapore

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