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Most people will think twice before applying oils on their skin. They’re worried that it’ll clog their pores or make their skin oilier. But you really shouldn’t be afraid of it because they do none of these to you, even if you have oily skin. After all, oil as an ingredient in skincare product isn’t exactly a new concept. In fact, it is common to find oil in most moisturisers, serums, and even foundation that you’re already using.

How can oils help skin?


Oils have many benefits to our skin. First, many botanical oils, such as argan and African murula oils, are a potent source of antioxidant. This means that they offer relatively natural anti-ageing benefits. Oils are also naturally lipophilic, which means that they have great affinity with the fat under your skin. This trait helps it to penetrate into skin faster, and plumping your skin more effectively. Finally, because our skin produce oil on its own, it is more receptive to allowing the penetration of oil than creams. This is also why oils generally feel more “nourishing” on the skin than creams do.

DV Tip

To use face oils, dispense just a drop or two onto your palm, and rub your palms together to warm up the formula. Take a whiff of it, then gently pat it onto your skin.

If you’re ready to give oils a try, you’ll be happy to know that many face oils have been launched recently or will be launching soon. We have the scoop:

1. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate

The soon-to-launch daily face oil by Kiehl’s, the Daily Reviving Concentrate, isn’t a new concept by Kiehl’s. The New York brand is one of the pioneers when it comes to face oil, when it launched its very popular Midnight Recovery Concentrate in 2010. You can say that the new Daily Reviving Concentrate is the perfect companion we’ve been waiting for to go with the popular oil for night.


The day oil contains both botanical and essential oils, and the key ingredients are: ginger root oil (anti-inflammatory), sunflower seed oil (hydration, anti-inflammatory, and improve skin’s smoothness), and tamanu oil (moisturising). The Daily Reviving Concentrate complements the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (which repairs skin) by defending skin in the day from oxidative and environmental stress. This product will only be launched in October, and will retail at SGD80. Daily Vanity had a preview of it and we are impressed that the oil leaves behind a velvety finish that’s not greasy at all, and a very pleasant scent.

2. The Body Shop Oil For Life Collection

The Oil For Life collection (coming soon!) by The Body Shop consists of four products that are made with cold-pressed seed oils of black cumin, camellia, and rosehip. The oils are cold-pressed in order to preserve the potent properties of the ingredients. These seed oils are said to be rich in anti-oxidants, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that can help nourish and plump the appearance of skin. Formulated for visibly reducing signs of ageing like sagging skin, the collection consists of: an Essence Lotion (SGD39.90), Facial Oil (SGD65.90), Gel Cream (SGD55.90), and Revitalising Cream (SGD55.90).

the body shop oils of life facial oil

The most note-worthy is the Facial Oil, which is made from 99% oils of natural origin, and you can use together with a twin-ball massager that’s launched together with this collection. This collection will be available at The Body Shop stores from 3 September.

3. Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Oil In Essence

Shu Uemura has been seen as an expert in oil – cleansing oil, specifically. The Ultime8 Beauty Cleansing Oil was launched in 2012, adding to its range of iconic cleansing oils, and is so named because of the use of eight botanical oils in the formula. This year, the Japanese brand launches the new Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Oil in Essence, said to be the first oil-infused essence, and includes the geranium oil in its formula. The geranium oil, which is not in the old Ultime8 cleansing oil formula, is known for its ability to boost collagen synthesis.

shu uemura ultime8_oil-in-essence


This essence is formulated to help skin look more “cushiony” (more supple and elastic), reflect light better (more radiant), and have a smoother-looking texture (less visible wrinkles). To add to the usage experience, the Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Oil in Essence also comes with a fresh floral note that is comforting to the senses. This product will retail at SGD145 from September.

4. Jo Malone Shower Oil

Because of oil’s affinity with the oil produced naturally by your skin, it is a good cleansing agent. This is why we can use cleansing oil for removal of makeup. Apply the same idea to the body and it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jo Malone Shower Oil promises to cleanse the skin thoroughly while nourishing it. Just like cleansing oil, the Jo Malone Shower Oil emulsifies into a milky texture when it touches the water on your body, then as it continues to lather, it cleanses away grime and fatigue.

jo malone shower oil

The Jo Malone Shower Oil is formulated with sunflower seed, jojoba, and coconut oil – all known for their moisturising properties. We’ll highly recommend that you try the Lime Basil & Mandarin Shower Oil. It’s the brand’s signature fragrance and will make you feel like you’re on holiday right in your own bathroom. The newly-launched shower oils are retailing at SGD83 each.

5. L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil

Launched late last year, L’Occitane, which is already well-known for its use of essential oils in its products, launched the Divine Youth Oil. This product is part of the brand’s existing Divine Immortelle ritual, an anti-ageing range. Formulated with seven botanical oils, including: borage, evening primrose and camelina, the product has the ability to soothe skin and improve its natural barrier function.

loccitane divine youth oil

We’ve tried it and love the sensorial experience with it. It’s lightweight and makes skin feel nourished and smooth immediately. The L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil retails at SGD169.

28 Day Divine Renewal Program

And if you want to take this regime a notch higher, L’Occitane has very recently launched the 28 Day Divine Renewal Program, which combines the same immortelle essential oil used in the Divine Youth Oil. This consists of 28 vials of oils that are to be used as a daily programme that works with the skin’s natural rhythm to achieve repairing and renewing benefits. If your skin looks tired and needs an energy boost, this may just be the regime for you.

6. Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

The Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil from Fresh is made from a blend of pure oils, from sources including seaberry, cranberry seed, camellia seed, grapeseed, and sweet almond. All these natural ingredients have one thing in common: they’re all packed with nourishing omegas, an important factor to preserving the look of youthfulness. This antioxidant-rich product is lightweight and moisturising. All you need is just to massage one to two drops onto face after cleansing.