It’s December, so go for a facial. It’s time to brighten up your complexion in preparation for the upcoming Christmas and year-end parties. Even if there aren’t any significant events, take it as a way to say “well done!” to yourself for surviving 2015. Whatever your reason may be, here are seven facial treatments we recommend.

If you want skin that looks dewy

Try: AquaDew Pro by Bella Skin Care, located at #08-06 International Building, #03-153 Marina Square and several other locations

pampering facial treatment

This facial treatment combines skin resurfacing therapy with infusion of nutrients including vitamin A, E, and White Tea to combat environmental damage to skin. Also using a blend of specially formulated serums, this treatment helps rejuvenate the appearance of your skin and seal in moisture so your complexion looks more even and translucent. Read more here.

If you need to unclog decongested pores

Try: OxyRevive Plus Facial by Porcelain Aesthetics, located at #03-13 Orchard Gateway, and Porcelain, The Face Spa at 15 Cantonment Road.

Porcelain Aesthetics

Excessive production of sebum, pollutants in the air, and poor cleansing habits can cause clogging of our pores. When our pores are clogged, it makes our skin surface looks uneven, and complexion can also look dull, and pores look larger. What we like about this treatment by Porcelain Aesthetics is that it is able to thoroughly unclog and cleanse pores without extraction. This means that there will be no discomfort during the treatment and definitely no redness on the skin after the session. Read our review on the OxyRevive Plus Facial to find out more.

If your skin is dehydrated

Try: H.A.S Treatment by d’skin, located at #02-133 Heartland Mall, #01-54 HDB Hub and other locations

facial treatment at dskin

Dehydrated skin can make your complexion look dull and make fine lines appear. This treatment infuses your skin with a large amount of hyaluronic acid, the exact same molecules found in your skin that helps hold moisture in. At the same time, the skin is given the Photo Rejuvenation Therapy, a form of bio-stimulation so that skin cells are activated to absorb the goodness of the skincare products that are applied better. Read our review of the d’skin H.A.S Treatment to see the process.

If you want instantly brighter skin

Try: JMF Multi Level Peeling Treatment by Annabelle Studio, located at #02-25/42 The Adelphi (near City Hall MRT station)

Annabelle studio skin analysis

We have always recommended regular exfoliation for more radiant-looking skin. But if you want instantly brighter skin, especially if you haven’t been conscientious in keeping up with your skincare regime, a professional peel will help. This treatment uses several intensity of acids depending on your skin’s condition, to thoroughly slough off dead skin cells so that brighter complexion can be revealed. We’ve tried this peel treatment and also noticed that stubborn blackheads fall off easily in the next few days after the session.

If you desire youthful-looking skin

Try: Genifique Youth Activating Facial Treatment by Lancome, located at #01-12 Capitol Piazza

lancome facial review

We have raved about the Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, a bestseller by Lancome, and how it helps skin look and feel more youthful. Now, imagine dousing your skin with the goodness of this skincare holy grail during the facial treatment. This therapy also uses ultrasound waves to allow molecules from skincare products penetrate more deeply into the skin. We love that the treatment leaves us feeling pampered and relaxed, and you should read about our experience at the Lancome boutique if you want to learn more about it.

If you want skin that feels bouncier

Try: Phytopeautics Everlasting Youth by HAACH, located at Level 11 M Hotel, #03-10 Orchard Central, and #04-11 The Wheelock Place


This treatment uses Alps Botanical stem cells from rare Swiss Apples, an ingredient frequently seen in anti-ageing and brightening products. At the same time, advanced ultrasound technology is used so that skin cells are stimulated for better absorption of the products. What we notice immediately after the indulgent session is just how bouncy and soft skin felt. You can read about our experience with the HAACH Phytopeautics Everlasting Youth to find out more.

If you want more lifted facial contours

Try: geneO+ Super Facial by Estetica, located at #06-18 Plaza Singapura, #02-37 [email protected] Central, and several other locations

geneO+ super facial

This treatment combines the use of three proven technologies within one session: TripollarRF, OxyGeneo, and Ultrasound, all of which work towards helping your skin naturally revive itself, increase its metabolism, and regenerate collagen. After going for this session, we could feel skin become tauter, and laugh lines become less obvious. Read our experience with the Estetica geneO+ Super Facial to find out what the process is like.