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My first ever lip product was a lip gloss that I used when I was 14. It was sticky and gooey, and my hair often stuck to my lips when there was a breeze, but I still wore it because it was the only product that could give my lips some colour; lipstick was too intense for 14-year-old me. But since I started working, lipsticks have been my best friend.

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Why lip gloss is back

This is not just a familiar story to me. In a straw poll I did among my friends, this is common: Many of us transit from lip gloss to lipsticks. But guess what – lip gloss is making a comeback. And the new generation of lip glosses have a lot to offer. Unlike their predecessors, they are less sticky, come in a multitude of gorgeous colours, and have pretty, pretty finishes.

apply lip gloss

And like the 14-year-old me, experimenting with makeup for the first time, lip glosses of today will appeal to grown women now because it is a great way to add colours to your makeup repertoire with a less “heavy-duty” product compared to a lipstick – it’s less commitment, and it’s more fun. It’s definitely easier to pull off a bold plum lip gloss than a lipstick in the same shade.

How to rock lip gloss

Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or simply run your toothbrush lightly over your lips to get rid of dry skin. Then, swipe your favourite lip gloss along your lips, using the tip of the applicator to trace along your cupid’s bow so you’ll get a nice shape. If there’s more gloss on some parts of the lips than others, use a clean finger to smooth it out or dab off with a tissue paper.

New lip glosses to try

There are so many new lip glosses launched recently, we are indeed spoilt for choice. Many of them are also fronted by A-list celebrities and here are our favourite ones:

1. Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion (SGD46)

estee lauder pure color envy liquid lip potion

Fronted by It girl Kendall Jenner, this newest lip innovation from Estee Lauder features a super lightweight formula without compromising on intense colour. And speaking of innovation, the technology behind this lip gloss sounds amazing: the Advanced True Vision Technology gives it its rich colour, a special Time Release Encapsulated Moisture Complex and Hyaluronic Acid offers hydration, and thanks to the nourishing oils in the formula, it has a plush texture that swipes onto the lips effortlessly and comfortably. It comes in 12 shades, ranging from nudes and corals to pinks and plums. If you’re wondering which colour Kendall Jenner love best? It’s Lethal Red.

2. M.A.C Vamplify Lipglass (SGD36)

mac vamplify

This limited edition product is touted the most dramatic lip gloss launched by M.A.C. and are loaded with high-powered pigments. In 15 bold shades, the Vamplify lipglass promises to offer a glistening finish, high shine, vivid colours. Its formula is enriched with lush natural oils so that the lip product remains moisturising. You’ll also be happy to know that it also promises to leave a long-lasting stain. The Vamplify Lipglass is also launched with lip pencils that will be a permanent collection at M.A.C.

3. Laneige x PLAYNOMORE Shygirl Intense Lip Gel (SGD36)


Laneige sees the latest trend of lip glosses that performs like lipsticks and feels like lip balms, and designs the Intense Lip Gel to fulfil this need. It does so with its double-layer gel-forming technology called Oil Floating Tech. This innovation separates the pigment and the oil from the gloss so that users can achieve glossy lips with long-lasting vivid colour payoff. The Intense Lip Gel also boasts Oil-Water Double Moisturizing, which keeps the lips so moisturised you’ll feel as if you had just applied a super-hydrating lip balm. While the Laneige x PLAYNOMORE collection is a limited edition series, the Intense Lip Gel will stay on as a regular item in the brand. It is available in 10 colours.

4. Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge (SGD16)

innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge, S$16

“Subtle and fresh” has always been adjectives synonoymous with Korean makeup. In line with the K-beauty trend, Korean brand Innisfree launches the Vivid Tint Rouge, which features the Water Sliding applicator, an innovation that offers a smoother and easier swipe. The non-sticky formula is thanks to the use of ingredients like camellia oil and shea butter, and it is long-lasting and buildable. Because of its buildabilty, you will also find this a great product to use for creating the gradient lip look.  It is available in 10 shades.

5. Etude House Color In Liquid Lips (SGD17.90)

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Launched earlier in March this year, the Etude House Color in Liquid Lips impressed me quite a lot with its vivid shades, ease of use, and longevity. It offers 20 shades, all with velvety textures and is formulated with Sweet Almond Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil to help lips stay moisturised. Like the Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge, it is designed to help achieve the gradient lip look, with the help of the Water Drop Tip technology, which allows you to create gradation in the shades. See all shades here.

6. Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss (SGD36)

If you like the feeling of being spoilt for choice, you’ll appreciate the Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss. Also launched in the earlier half of the year, this presents 35 shades, ranging from bold (like hot red) to subtle (like nude), and from dramatic (like black) to wearable (like coral). Inspired by the plexiglas (an acrylic), this lip gloss wants to give a sense of translucency to its texture, regardless of the colours. The product also comes with a great applicator that allows you to line your cupid’s bow precisely and quickly. See all shades here.

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