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Hailing from Taiwan, Bevy C. is a professional skincare brand that carries products that are specially-made and well-suited to Asian skin. Having been featured on 女人我最大 (Ladies First, a Taiwanese TV programme that offers beauty tips and recommends products), I am excited to give the products a try.

bevy c collection

There are four products in the Pre-makeup Lumiwhite Collection: the Moist Up Lotion (toner), Moist Up Elixir for Eyes & Lips (for the eyes and lips), Moist Up Elixir (serum), and Moist Up Emulsion (moisturiser).

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Did it work?

For the time-starved, this is a great collection to consider because it promises to function as skincare, makeup base, and face mask. This means that the products are designed to nourish the skin adequately and to help makeup go on more easily and last longer. I was initially apprehensive when I read this, but indeed, I felt my skin adequately taken care off; after using it for three weeks, I conclude that it can readily replace my usual skincare routine without compromising on my complexion. The Lumiwhite Collection also enhanced my makeup application greatly – application was more flawless and my makeup could stay on for a longer time.

My skin is combination to oily and I often find skincare products making my face too oily for smooth makeup application. The Bevy C. Lumiwhite Collection products are readily absorbed into my skin, which means I didn’t have to wait for very long between each step.


The Moist Up Elixir, in particular, won my favour. This controls oil secretion and retains moisture, creating the perfect base for makeup. Consider adding a drop of this serum to foundation to enhance application; I’ve tried it and it really made application much smoother.


Another interesting product to check out is probably the Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir for Eyes and Lips. This is formulated to diminishes the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and lips so that makeup around these areas look better.

Bevy C. products are available on their online store, and the prices of the products in the Lumiwhite collection are as follows:

  • Lumiwhite Moist Up Lotion (100ml): SGD37
  • Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir for Eyes and Lips (15ml): SGD37
  • Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir: SGD37 for15 ml; SGD62 for 35ml
  • Lumiwhite Moist Up Emulsion (100ml): SGD37