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Upon the first look, I thought Diana, Biotherm’s training manager was holding a mobile phone. And then I realise that it’s the new Blue Smart, a powerful digital tool by Biotherm to help analyse skin.


Unlike most skin diagnosis devices I’ve seen at beauty counters, which are typically huge and definitely not portable, this is handy and looks easy to understand. But don’t look down on its petite size, the Blue Smart is capable of analysing skin based on a 3-D view, and measures eight dimensions of skin within six minutes. It uses built-in two sensors – optical and tactile – to do so. The former is able to evaluate pores, melanin spots, acne, redness and wrinkles; while the latter checks hydration, elasticity ad sebum levels.


The analysis of the eight data fields helps the beauty advisor to prescribe the right beauty regime and let the customer know what her/his skincare concern is.

Let’s just say that buying skincare products without understanding your skin type and concerns is like shooting in the dark – you’re lucky to land on the bull’s eye.


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My Experience With Blue Smart

Diana, Biotherm’s training manager asked me for my age, so that she can use the information to benchmark against Asian women in my age range.

To measure each aspect of skin, she changes the mode on Blue Smart, points a high-definition camera on specific part of my skin, take a photo, and the intelligent device does the rest of the work.


At each point, it tells me whether it is a point of concern and how I fared in that area compared to other Asian women my age.


At the end of the analysis, I learnt that my skin is dry and dehydrated – which is the key concern I should be addressing, which also means that if I should start on a Biotherm regime, the Aquasource range will be most suited for me.


I also have to start paying attention to the appearance of wrinkles, particularly around my eye area.

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