We guys love our gadgets. Cars, mobile phones, computers and superb sound systems will totally grab our attention versus fashion and skincare. We like our things cool just like how ladies may like their things cute.

When I was given a Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Anti-Age Moisturising Gel, I thought to myself, “Hmm, yet another anti-ageing moisturiser?””.

But after I unboxed it, the whole sentiment changed. I was impressed by its packaging! Just like how I felt impressed by Apple’s thought put into the whole unboxing experience of an iMac. The Biotherm Homme Force Supreme brings the cool factor into skincare.

Why I Like It?

Instead of the usual spring press dispenser that is protected by a cover, to use the Force Supreme you will need to twist it and the dispenser will pop out. Why I like it? Because:

  1. It’s cool. It reminds me of the Men In Black gadget.
  2. It’s travel-friendly as the gel cannot be dispensed without you twisting it first. So you won’t experience messy spillage.

Does It Work?

I’ve tried a few anti-ageing moisturisers. The main issue I have with them is the oiliness after using it. However, the Force Supreme does not give me this issue at all.

Does it make me look younger? Of course not. Anti-ageing is more of a preventive measure than a reversal treatment. It does give me the hydration I need to make my face look less dull especially from all the late nights I’ve been spending.


I’m Still Young. Why Should I Use It?

I’m 28 this year, just two more years before I hit 30 when most guys will experience sudden rapid ageing. To reiterate the idea of anti-ageing, it’s about taking preventive measures before the ageing process hits you.

So if you are around my age, you should try to include an anti-ageing regime into your current skincare routine.

If you are passed the age of 30, you would still need to use an anti-ageing product to maintain your current youth.

What Did Other Men Feel After 4 Weeks?

  • Skin is as regenerated 93%
  • Skin is nourished 95%
  • Wrinkles are less visible 83%
  • Fine lines are less visible 85%
  • Skin density appears increased 93%
  • Skin is firmer 90%
  • Skin is more resistant to daily aggressions 90%
  • Skin is more elastic 83%
  • Skin is more uniform 90%
  • Skin looks younger 88%
  • Skin is revitalised 90%
  • Healthy-looking skin 90%