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Summer is here and those lucky fellows in other parts of the world rush to the beaches and start complaining about how the hot weather can cause skin to feel oily. Well, the thing is, for those of us in Singapore, we get summer all year round, so the problem of greasy skin is a perpetual issue that we deal with on a daily basis. Besides the need to step up on our sun protection regime, of course.

I have a very troublesome T-zone. My U-zone enjoys normal skin all year around, but my T-zone is dehydrated, yet it secretes sebum such that by mid-day I’ll see my foundation along the T-zone (and especially at my forehead) smudging off by itself because of the oil my skin has produced. Definitely not a good look if you ask me!

Typically, I will spray a facial mist onto my skin, tissue off, and then reapply makeup. Somehow, while it freshens up the makeup, get rid of the smudging and make my skin feel more comfortable, the layer of sebum that’s left on the skin simply cast a dull colour and make your complexion look less radiant than it was in the morning.

I was introduced to Biotherm’s Purefect Skin range about a month ago and started trying it out. Because my skin is dehydrated, so I am fanatic over deeply-hydrating products. I’d never have thought that mattifying products would have any use to me, so to be honest, I was doubtful Purefect  Skin was going to do much for my skin.

Biotherm Purefect Skin1

The Purefect Skin range consists of the Anti-shine Purifying Cleansing Gel (a cleanser), Micro-exfoliating Purifying Lotion (a toner), Hydrating Gel Pure Skin Effect (a moisturiser) and Anti-imperfection Targeted Solution (a pimple gel). All the products are enriched with L.Digitata extract (click to watch a video about it), Zinc and Perlite, which work together to deeply purify and mattify skin, refine pores and visibly diminish imperfections. The result is skin that’s matte, shine-free and purified.

Anyway, despite my initial doubt, for the sake of Daily Vanity’s readers, I decided to still give it a shot so at least I could share whether it works or not. My favourite product of the lot is the moisturiser, so I’m going to talk solely on it in this article.

My first impression of the moisturiser is that it has a very refreshing, citrus scent. I love how it smells, so it definitely make using it a lot more enjoyable. Next, the texture is velvety and it leaves a cooling sensation on the skin. After application, you can immediately feel your skin become matte and very smooth to touch.

Oil and shine was really kept at bay for the entire day (I spent my day in an air-conditioned office) and for once, my makeup didn’t smudge because of midday shine.

One tip, though – if you, like me, have dehydrated skin, and are very used to using deeply-moisturising products, you may want to top up the regime with another moisturiser that’s designed for hydrating. I use the Biotherm Purefect Skin moisturiser together with the Biotherm Aquasource moisturiser (my favourite moisturiser).

And so… Biotherm invited me and Yina to share our Purefect experience with fellow bloggers at the Purefect Skin media party.

Yina and I then did a little experiment to show everyone how instantly Biotherm Purefect Skin moisturiser was able to combat oiliness on skin.

First, I applied some baby oil on Yina’s hand and spread it. Yina’s hand is greasy and shiny – pretty much like how skin looks by midday, albeit a more exaggerated version.

I applied blotting paper to show how oily it is. Then, I massaged in the Purefect moisturiser on top of the oily patch.

Using blotting paper again, after the moisturiser was absorbed, I showed that there was close to no oil left on the skin.

Biotherm Purefect Baby Oil Experiment Blotter Paper1

If you compare Yina’s hand now and her hand when I first applied the oil, it definitely looks a lot less shiny. In fact, it’s totally matte now. As for the blotting papers in my hands, the one that you see on your right is soaked with oil (and light can pass through it), whereas the one on your left is almost totally dry.

Pretty amazing, if you ask me! But you probably gotta try them for yourself to believe it.

Biotherm Purefect Skin range retails at:
SGD42 for the Anti-shine Purifying Cleansing Gel;
SGD42 for the Micro-exfoliating Purifying Lotion;
SGD49 for the Hydrating Gel Pure Skin Effect and;
SGD 39 for the Anti-imperfection Targeted Solution.

Anyway an exciting new range of products (Hint: What’s the upgraded version of BB Cream?) from Biotherm was also unveiled at the event and I will also be sharing about it soon. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get the news first.

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