A staycation at Capella is not complete until you visit Auriga Spa. I booked an appointment for the Body Sculpting Treatment during my stay at Capella Singapore. I’ve tried the facial treatment at Auriga Spa and thought it’ll be interesting to try something different.

I called for a buggy to come pick me up from my villa and was transported straight to the spa. Actually the two venues are really near each other, but I enjoy asking for the buggy because it’s fun to take a scenic ride.

Body Sculpting Treatment At Auriga Spa Capella Singapore

I arrived early at the spa, checked in and went ahead to use the facilities before the treatment. Auriga Spa has a unique system where you go through changes between hot and cold e.g. a herbal steam bath, followed by an ice bath, and then a warm Jacuzzi… you get the drift.

Following the ritual set me at ease and also feeling like my microcirculation improved. And then I went to the lounge to wait for my therapist.

Body Sculpting Treatment At Auriga Spa Treatment Room

I was ushered to the treatment room where the therapist explained to me what the treatment was going to be like. There were basically three things she was going to apply on me – coffee, chilli oil and sculpting gel. It’s interesting seeing the three ingredients in saucers, laid out on a tray. You’d think they’re dips to go with crackers.

And the treatment started. She used a lot of strength, particularly on the waist and tummy area. The chilli oil, when applied, felt a little hot, but not unbearable. The sculpting gel, on the other hand, is cool, and I find the juxtaposition rather interesting.

Unlike normal facial treatment or massages, this is not a treatment that could make me doze off. In fact, if you’re going for this, be prepared to feel slight pain because the strength of the massage is required to get rid of the appearance of cellulite.

I felt a little sore after the 60-minute treatment, however, skin also feels smoother and toner. For best effect, I was told that I should go through this more regularly.

Auriga Spa is located at Capella Singapore, Sentosa, and is opened daily from 10am to 10pm. Prior appointment is required. The 60-minute Body Sculpting Treatment costs SGD150.