When I first heard about the Braun CoolTec Shaver and tried it before the launch, I was really impressed by the idea of it. Imagine no after-shave burn feeling and less irritation caused by it. This is probably the only “cold treatment” we guys will enjoy.

If you have been suffering from burning, itching, redness and skin tension after your morning shaves, the Braun CoolTec may just be the electric shaver you need.



Active cooling technology

The main selling point of this shaver is the metal in the middle of the shaver that cools down almost instantly when you switch on the cooling function.

3-stage cutting system

Two independently moving blades that adapts to your facial contour for an efficient close shave.


Specially-designed blades that targets and capture hairs growing in different directions to provide you with a smooth shave.

Long hair trimmer

Want to have the perfect moustache or sideburn? This shaver has a long hair trimmer that does the job.

100% waterproof

Safe to use in the shower as there are no open power point. Do not use shaver if you planning to shave while diving more than 5m down the ocean.

Clean & Charge station

There are two models to the CoolTec. The CT5cc comes with an alcohol-based clean & charge station while the CT4s comes with a charging station.

The Review: Braun CoolTec

My facial structure is the bony kind with a little protruding chin; this makes shaving a little challenging with the ergonomics of the Braun CoolTec shaver as I’m not accustomed to its blades pattern.

However, what is really cool about this shaver is how fast the metal piece in the middle of the shaver cools down almost instantly thus allowing you to immediately relieve your skin from any possible burn or irritation.

In fact, it felt so good that I spend more time shaving just to feel the coolness on my face. However, don’t expect to feel the same when you are using the hair trimmer as it does not have the cooling metal.


As the shaver is waterproof, it does not have the usual power point plug component which requires the charging wire to be connected to it. It is charged via two pieces of metal pieces on the body of the shaver. The fully-charged shaver will last you about 45 minutes.

With so many of my male friends raving and drooling over it, I have got to say this is definitely the men’s gift of the year. If you are looking to buy a gift for your male significant other or your father, you may definitely want to consider getting it.

How Much & Where Can I Find The Braun CoolTec?

The Braun CoolTec can be bought at all Harvey Norman, Courts and Best Denki outlets. The CT4s is retailing at SGD289 and the CT5cc is retailing at SGD369