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Besides beauty reasons and allowing you make your facial expressions more vivid, our eyebrows are there for a functional reason too. When we sweat, our brows will divert the sweat away from our eyes thus preventing our eyes from being irritated by the salty substance. Imagine you are running away from an “over-friendly” lion and the sweat got into your eyes thus making you unable to watch where you are running. *Watch out for that buttress root!*

Thankfully we don’t have any predators wanting to eat us up these days – except for underpaying bosses and pervs. So our brows’ functions become more aesthetics-related. Take a look at this picture of Emma Watson with and without eyebrows.

Brows do make a difference. So if you have no brows, sparse brows, short brows or unsatisfactory brows shape, Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection service may just be what you need.

How does Browhaus Brow Resurrection work?

There are two types of brow resurrection treatments. One is the Brow Resurrection Natural – the one I went for, and the other is Brow Resurrection Bold.

Because I have very sparse brows, I thought the bold one may be better for me. The therapist, however, recommended that I should go for the natural one instead as she explained people will not get used to me with brows all of a sudden, thus I should have something more subtle instead.

Step 1: Consultation

The therapist first advised me on what type of brow resurrection service I should go for, followed by a brief on the process and what to expect.

Step 2: Tracing out the ideal brow shape

The therapist drew out the ideal brow shape for me. She followed my natural brow path – which has a very strong arch – and when I looked at the tracing, I thought I looked really fierce. So she redrew it soften the arch to lessen the “fierce factor”, but I felt that it looked kind of flat. In the end, we settled for something in-between.

Throughout the session, the therapist was rather patient with my indecision but she agreed that I should be more picky since the new brows will be on me for quite sometime, thus I should only say yes to something that I am happy and comfortable with.

Step 3: The secret process

Well, it’s a proprietary technology that cannot be filmed nor disclosed, but I will say this: the entire process wasn’t painful at all!

Step 4: After-treatment brief

The dos and don’ts were mentioned. Things like avoiding make up on the brows and playing intense sports that will cause you to sweat buckets are discouraged as they may hamper the healing process.

You will need to apply a cell repairing serum called Build and an anti-scarring cream called Fix for a period of time. I stopped after 10 days as it seems to have healed. For those who are more cautious, you may want to try finishing the entire course.

It is common to have patches of baldness, dry skin tissues, scabbing and itchiness during the first 1-2 weeks. Luckily for me these didn’t happen.

Step 5: Touch up sessions

After 1 month, you will need to return for a touch up, and this touch up will typically last you for 4-6 months.

If you buy the full package which retails at SGD 2,140, you will have unlimited amount of touch ups for 2 years. That means brows that last you for 2.5 years (assuming you go for a touch up on the last day of your package). This works out to a cost of about SGD 2 per day to look perpetually fantastic.

Why did I do it?

Browhaus Brow Resurrection Before And After1

Many of my friends asked me why I did it. They don’t seem to understand what it is like having sparse, short or unsatisfactory brows. I would say I’m really happy with the outcome and I definitely feel more confident (not that I had low self-esteem) of my looks.

But I have to inform you that the brows will look very bold for the first 1 week and they will look better afterwards. Face-to-face, it will look bold, but on the camera and video it looks more natural.

Why should you do it?

  1. Save brow grooming time in the morning
  2. Save makeup removal time at night
  3. Get the perfect brow shape you dream of