I’ve never exactly worried about my boobs or even taken a very close look at them. At 36C, most people would tell me that what I’m blessed with is sufficient. But what I’ve heard about Tokyo Bust Express is that it’s not just about “increasing size”. It is also about attaining the perfect shape, or to achieve more firmness or lifting. I went for my appointment with an open mind and to attempt to understand what they can offer.

Going into a private consultation room, my therapist did a consultation with me, asking me about my lifestyle and what I think about my breasts. Then, she requested that remove my robe and told me what she thought I could improve on. Apparently, my right breast is a little more lifted than the other one (now, don’t you stare at them when you meet them in the future). I told her that I’m not exactly looking to increase my cup size, but am hoping to achieve a more lifted look with better shape.

My therapist then went on to explain that what they use during the treatment are all natural, such as the Fenugreek Seed Extract, Mexican Wild Yam Root, Hops flower, Dang Gui root and White Kwao Krua – all of them herbs that are rich in phyto-estrogens.

I asked my therapist how long the results will last after each treatment. She honestly told me that it will only last for about three days, and so she will encourage her clients to come for treatments twice a week, in order to keep up with the results. I am impressed by how genuine and honest she is so that expectation is managed, instead of giving me huge promises of permanent results. This gesture eases my mind because it lets me know that I am in safe hands.

What is the process like?

First, a scrub is administered to help remove dead skin cells so the ingredients that are going to be applied later can better penetrate. Then, we did the “Bust-Up Therapy”, a lymphatic massage that helps improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This massage also stimulates the mammary glands so breasts can appear firmer. This therapy can be a little painful, and I experience most pain when she reached to the part of my breasts that are closest to my armpits. I was told that this is an indication of some clogging in the lymphatic system.

Next, the TT Padding Machine was used on me. A bust-care treatment that helps with toning, this involves small pads laid onto my chest. Finally, she administered the “Suction Therapy”, which involves a two “jars” that has suction power that helps shape and “pull back” fats that has “run away” to under the armpits and even the back. This treatment helps to give your breasts a rounder look.

Does it work?

Well, I think a picture paints a thousand words and these are my before-and-after photos.

Bust Enhancing Treatment Tokyo Bust Express Before And After

Right after the treatment, when I put my clothes back, I noticed that my breasts can now fill my bra even more snugly. They also appeared perkier and rounder, although I don’t think there’s a huge difference in terms of size. By comparing the photos (I aligned them according to where my stomach and arm start), I could tell that they also appear more lifted than before. It is truly amazing for just one treatment. Take note though, as what the therapist said, the effects really did go off after around three days. For those who are not looking for a long-term therapy, you may want to consider going for treatments just a day or two before a big event, where you need to look great in a dress with plunging neckline, for instance.

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