Even though I’m a beauty junkie, I rarely treat myself to a few hours of pampering. After a hectic week at work, I figured it’d be a good idea for me to start the weekend on a good note at Calla Spa. Located conveniently at Suntec City, this spa isn’t just going to be your “usual” spa experience. Besides delivering a high quality facial treatment or massage, you will go through a journey of relaxation. Not sure what I mean? Read on!


Pampering facilities, high level of service

Upon entering the spa, I was greeted by a staff who provided me with a set of comfortable clothes to change into and taught me how to go about using the lockers. The lockers didn’t require any keys or padlocks. All you needed was the band that they provide you with upon registering. To access your locker, you just had to tap the silver button on the reader of the locker and it will automatically open. And when you shut the door of the locker, it automatically closes as well. I found this really nifty because I’m always afraid of losing keys to lockers.


The female changing room was well-equipped with facilities such as a makeup station, a steamer for your clothes (how meticulous!), and other basic facilities like bathroom and shower room.



Within the female changing room there’s a hot tub, sauna and steam baths. What made me go “Wow,” was when I was told that customers can use all of the facilities in the spa for as long as they’d like. So if you really enjoy soaking in a hot tub, you can do so – for as long as you want, from 10am to 11pm! And trust me, the perks Calla Spa offers don’t stop here.




After changing into my really comfortable “spa wear”, I was brought to the relaxation room where customers could chill out, take a nap, and – wait for it – even watch movies on a 20-inch private entertainment system that pops up from the armrest of the lounges!

Relaxation lounge


Seeing that I had a facial appointment, I skipped the relaxation room and headed to the bistro to have a glass of warm water before my session.


The bistro looks like a legit casual fine dining (casual because I was in ‘spa wear’!) restaurant and it serves small bites, entrees, desserts, and drinks that you can enjoy before or after a session, and throughout your time spent in the spa.

panna cotta

What’s great about having a bistro within the spa is that I had a choice of drinks to choose from as my post-spa treat. I got myself a pot of strawberry lemon tea.


After lingering in the spa for longer than I expected, I reluctantly left for another appointment. But unlike when I first arrived feeling weary, I left the spa rejuvenated, and all ready to start my weekends, and my work week that will follow.

The most relaxing treatment I’ve tried


If there’s one thing you must know about me, I usually don’t find facials and massages relaxing. I can never understand how people fall asleep during massages and facials; I’m never able to do so. But this time, I did. There was something about the ambience of the place, and the scents that were used in the products that assisted me to relax and just let go of the tension within my mind and my body. And when I was done, I was well taken care of as the therapist slowly helped me up and gave me a good shoulder massage.

Overall thoughts


We all have those days when we just want to lie down and do nothing except watch videos, movies and eat snacks. Calla Spa is the place to do that – but with a relaxing ambience, calming scent and soothing music. Think about it: you’ll have the lovely service staff who will attend to you, loungers in the relaxation room for you to sit back and watch movies at (you can even choose to have a reflexology whilst watching your movie!), go for a facial or a massage, and if you’re hungry, the bistro’s right there, and serving delectable foods of all kinds! The first serving of entrees are complimentary upon your visit and the rest of the items in the menu can be ordered multiple times at no charge.

It’s a good place to head to if you truly want to pamper yourself by spending me-time. It is also the perfect place to spend quality time with a friend or your significant other; they provide a couple’s room option.

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