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Liquid lipsticks have made their way into our makeup bags and hearts, and guess who is the latest to release their version of liquid lipsticks?

Get ready to scream: It’s Chanel.

chanel rouge allure ink group shot

The Chanel Rouge Allure Ink pays tribute to the colour red and is designed as a matte liquid lip colour that promises exceptional comfort, thanks to the formula of polymers, wax, and vegetal oils. The product also contains hydrating and antioxidant benefits to give lips some tender loving care.

Does the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink really live up to what it claims? Three of us in the Daily Vanity team did a week-long review of it, so you’d know if you should save up for it when it launches on 1 September.

Kristen reviews 148 Libere

chanel rouge allure ink review 148 libere 2

Colour: I own several red lipsticks and wear them regularly. But this is the first one that gets my husband telling me it “brightens up” my face. The orange-undertone of this bright red shade probably makes it flattering for Asian skin tone.

Comfort and application: The formula is creamy and delivers a velvety matte finish. It is super hydrating and, therefore, comfortable to wear. The product doesn’t dry up quickly unlike most other liquid lipsticks, making application a breeze.

chanel rouge allure ink review 148 libere 1

Longevity: If you’re used to other liquid lipsticks, the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink certainly won’t be as long-lasting as them. It stays on mostly if you’re not eating or drinking, but everything comes off after a meal, and re-application is a must. However, the good thing is that it doesn’t leave awkward stains that some matte liquid lipsticks are known to do when they wear off.

Comparison with other liquid lipsticks: The Chanel Rouge Allure Ink doesn’t deliver a super matte finish, compared to a lot of liquid lipsticks out there. So if you’re going for an absolutely matte look, this is probably not where you should be looking. However, its velvety matte look has its charms and given that it’s a lot more hydrating than other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, I’m actually inclined towards it more than others.

Cassandra reviews 152 Choquant

chanel rouge allure ink 152 choquant 2

Colour: I love the deep red shade because it’s suitable for people with fair skin tone, or tanner skin tone like mine. It is doesn’t start off looking intense, making it a wearable shade that you can wear for any occasion – whether it’s for a party, or a casual lunch with friends. The great thing about it is that the shade is buildable, so you can apply more to get a more intense shade.

Comfort and application: Even though it’s a (velvety) matte finish, the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink doesn’t leave a drying effect on your lips even after leaving it on for a long time. The formula feels weightless, and I almost forgot I was wearing any lipstick. The formula glides on and spreads out very easily – an easy application. However, because of the watery formula, you may find that it can be a little difficult when you apply it along the contours of the lips if you don’t have a good control of the applicator.

chanel rouge allure ink 152 choquant 1

Longevity: It was able to last on my lips for more than three hours if I didn’t consume any food. I also didn’t need to re-apply from drinking water regularly. But you’ll definitely need to touch-up after a hearty meal.

Comparison with other liquid lipsticks: Most liquid lipsticks I’ve tried are drying and may need a few applications to get the colour again. I like that this doesn’t dry my lips even after a long time. The gorgeous packaging is a great plus, and I like that it has no weird smell that some liquid lipsticks are known for.

Jasmine reviews 144 Vivant

chanel rouge allure ink 144 vivant

Colour: This is an orange shade in the collection and I fell in love with it almost instantly. It had a rosy tint that brightened up my face, yet it didn’t look too striking; it is just perfect for everyday use.

Comfort and application: The Chanel Rouge Allure Ink felt almost as comfortable as a lip balm; it wasn’t drying or sticky at all. The application was very smooth and the product “stained” the lips rather quickly, yet just enough time for me to create my favourite Korean gradient lips.

Longevity: The product is very lasting; for a full day out, I only needed to touch up once after lunch. Even then, I would reckon that 70% of the colour stayed post-lunch. I must say that I could have gone without any touch ups if I were lazy. The product was very easily removed as well – all I needed was two swipes of my lip makeup remover!

Comparison with other liquid lipsticks: I have tried a few other liquid lipsticks but stopped using them after a while as they were not to my liking – they were too drying and accentuated the cracks on my lips. The Chanel liquid lipstick was different – instead of being drying, it in fact smoothens the cracks on my lips! I also like that the package is nothing short of elegant, and the brush delivers a smooth application.

The Chanel Rouge Allure Ink will retail at SGD49, with eight shades in the collection. It will be available from September at all Chanel counters and its boutique.