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Is it possible to do a perm on short hair without looking like Phua Chu Kang or Aunty Lucy’s long-lost sister? The answer is yes. My stylist at Chez Vous recommended a perm on my short hair, as a way to create more volume to it, and to give it a more edgy touch. To be honest, I was hesitant, because I cannot imagine curly short hair that doesn’t look “auntie”, and am also worried about how it may damage my hair.

Salon Entrance
You might have already heard of Chez Vous, one of the leading luxury hair salons in Singapore, which has a “only hair directors allowed” policy. What the policy means is that the salon only hires highly-experienced hairstylists; a more inexperienced hairstylist would have to score near-perfect scores at their tests to be recruited.

Salon Counter

Located at Ngee Ann City and boasting a 2,000 square-foot space, Chez Vous is a salon that you’d definitely want to visit as a treat for yourself: it has comfortable chairs, a selection of fine teas, and great service. They have recently launched a new Trilogy System, which combines hair resculpting (techniques like perming and rebonding) with hair treatment. This means that the stylist will be able to achieve great hair results with minimal damage to hair quality.

Washing Room

This three-step system does the following:

Phase 1 – Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder: Broken bonds in the hair shaft, prevalent in damaged hair, is rebuilt with a combination of ingredients to strengthen hair from deep within. Amino acids complex in the formula further seals repair protein bonds in the shaft so it remains resilient. This step preps the hair for the resculpting treatment that follows.

Phase 2 – Resculpting Supreme: You know how resculpting treatments like perming and rebonding can weaken your hair bonds, whereas keratin treatments help strengthen your hair. In this unique system, Chez Vous offers a keratin-infused retexturising experience, so that the damage in hair during the treatment is minimised, and the result will also be easier to manage in the long run. This definitely helps to make sure that you can retain the hairstyle you walk out of the salon with at home easily, using just your hairdryer.

Phase 3 – Express Revitalizing Supreme: Finally, an express ultrasonic treatment is done to revitalise your hair, using potent active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides and aminos. This step helps hair to further smoothen, strengthen, and look shinier.

How did the treatment work for me?

Salon Interior

My stylist was Associate Director, Shawn Chia, who examined my hair and asked me about my hair concerns and lifestyle, much like how a doctor has a consultation with a patient to make a good diagnosis. A perm was suggested by him as a way to help my hair look more voluminous; it looks flat and lifeless, especially after a long day at work, and is definitely in need of a lift.

Instead of perming the entire head of hair, Shawn suggested that we only do it on the right (the parting of my fringe goes towards my right, and hence, is also where most of my hair rests.) He also helps me visualise how the end result was going to be like, and asked if I was comfortable with it.

What I was most concerned about was whether it was going to be easy to style on a day-to-day basis with minimal styling required. Shawn told me that I would definitely need to use some hair styling product to emphasise the waves and volume in my hair, and some blow-drying won’t hurt too – but these won’t take more than five minutes to complete. I decided to take a leap of faith and told him to do as he deem fit.

This is how it looks after the session. I love how edgy it looks now; I feel stylish and confident.

chez-vous-review chez-vous-review2

Styling was indeed a breeze. The Chez Vous Trilogy System has indeed made sure that the permed areas still remain soft and smooth, so it is a joy to touch and style. It is very easy to manage, and all I need is a bit of styling cream and scrunching to “wake up” my hair. I wear my hair in the way Shawn recommended to work; the edgier hairstyle inspires me to wear bolder makeup too and I’ve received a lot of compliments for the overall look. This is how it looks like:

In fact, even at the airport customs when I was leaving Singapore for Europe, the officer (probably can’t help but) told me that “This hairstyle is very cool. You suit it!”

It obviously made my day.

Chez Vous is located at #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium. Call 6732-9388 to book an appointment, or log on to www.chezvoushair.com for more information. Prices starting from SGD155 per session of the Synchronized Advanced HairRebuilder, SGD375 for a session of the Resculpting Supreme and SGD185 for a session of the Express Revitalizing Supreme. A complete series of the Trilogy System is recommended for optimum results.