As a guy who relies mainly on his bare hands to wash his face every day, it will be interesting to see how using an electronic brush head from Clarisonic will enhance my face-washing routine; and hopefully make it look more radiant and smooth.


First Impression Of The Clarisonic Aria


Initially, the gentle vibrations produced during washes were awkward; also with a hint of ticklish feel. However, the overall feeling after the wash was fabulous – leaving me feeling clean, smooth and radiant.

So don’t be afraid if you felt the same too, because it is normal and you will get used to it.

Read more about how the new Clarisonic Aria matches up with the older models here.


Review: Deep Pore Brush Head

The very first time you use it, you will realize how easy it is to replace the brush head. Simply press it downwards and turn it to remove the old brush. The new one will fit the same way – just turn it in the opposite way and after hearing a ‘click’ sound – you know it is secured.


Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head VS Standard Cleansing Brush Head


Compared to the standard cleansing brush head, the Deep Pore Cleansing brush head has tips that are more focused in the central vibration area, allowing more brush tips to clean and clear the oil and dirt built-up on your skin.

On first use, it almost felt like twice the amount of brush tips compared to the original set; thus a rougher feeling. Thereafter, the cleaning seems more holistic compared to the standard counterpart – it cleans deep, leaves you feeling really good, and much cleaner.


Even with more brush tips, it does not impact your maintenance of the brush head – nothing extra needs to be done – you can simply rinse the brush and set it aside to dry.


Review: Deep Pore Daily Cleanser


In terms of scent, the deep pore cleanser is no different from the original cleansing gel from Clarisonic. There’s a subtle yet fruity smell that is pretty hard to find nowadays as most cleansers smell of chemicals and turn you off instantly.

However, the latter seems to give me the feeling of touch-and-go; which is really just a basic kind of cleansing solution.

The deep pore variant, however, seemed to be a tad less gentle, which really is what I need to clean deeply into my pores. I would recommend this variant to sportsmen and women, people who work outdoors a lot, as well as people who have high metabolism rate (thus always sweating buckets).


Review: Decongesting Clay Mask


Purely washing and toning your face isn’t going to be enough – you need to soften and moisten your face to allow the cleansing gel to clean deeper into the pores. That’s why Clarisonic’s Deep Pore Decongesting Solution included a decongesting mask.

Twice weekly, I applied the fragrant-less mask every three to four days. A thin layer applied on an after-washed face would be ideal to soften and revitalize your face. The main purpose of the mask is to de-clog the pores and then allow it to be removed when you wash your face thereafter. Yes, the mask can be removed by simply using a moistened brush head. Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of toner and moisturiser after that!

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