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From Korean dramas to magazines, it’s hard to miss the trend among Asian celebrity beauties of having delicate yet defined facial contours. It then becomes natural to think about including lifting as part of your facial maintenance routine. If you’re on the quest for attaining or maintaining your V-shape face, you’ll probably find ClearSK’s latest treatment very attractive: the V Face Shaper, is a comfortable non-invasive treatment, that promises to help you achieve more defined facial contours.

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New ClearSK outlet located at Scotts Square

Primarily for those who are concerned with sagging cheeks and double chin or jowls, V Face Shaper combines ultrasound with Unipolar RF to eliminate fat deposits and tighten the skin along jawline. An FDA-approved treatment, it targets and breaks down fats and tightens skin along the jaw line with its Uni polar RF, which has been scientifically proven to penetrate deeper into the skin than other conventional RF.

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Prior to the treatment, my therapist Joanne went through the 30-minute treatment process with me, and thoughtfully warned me that I might experience some discomfort from the warmth of the ultrasound waves. For those who wanted to combine fat burning with the lifting treatment, another 15 minutes are required.

Her concern for my discomfort was thankfully unfounded, as I found the mild heat to be quite gentle and was in fact soothing enough for me to doze off 10 minutes after the treatment began. This treatment uses IN-Motion technology, which will gradually heats up on your skin to assure that you feel no pain. A conducting gel or oil is applied onto the skin while Joanne moved the hand piece continuously in a lifting motion. The combination of hot and cold ultrasound waves penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous fat, resulting in significant thermal damage to the fat cells without causing any damage to nerves, vessels and surrounding tissue. The targeted fat cells are then released into the body, whereby RF is used after the ultrasound to help eliminate and drain the area of the liquefied fat cells.

After performing the treatment on the left side of my face, Joanne then showed me the difference between the two sides of my face, where I saw there was indeed a slight lift and a dewy glow after the treatment. Joanne explained this was due to the effect of collagen production being stimulated within the skin’s deeper layers.

This is the results after the entire treatment was completed and I will leave it to you to decide if you think it’s effective.





Suitable for most skin types except for those who are pregnant, this recommended for fast-paced beauty-conscious urbanites to unwind at lunch or after work, while getting your well-deserved dose of facial pampering.

ClearSK V Face Shaper is available at ClearSK Premier Medi-Aesthetics, Scotts Medical Center #07-04, Pacific Plaza.

For more details visit the ClearSK website.

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