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Code Deco, Singapore’s artisanal perfumery, is known for their cosmopolitan, artfully-blended fragrances, created by founder Gauri Garodia. Having been in the international perfume industry for 18 years, Gauri understands that the only way we can be sure if a scent is compatible with us, we have to wear it for a period of time.

I like the idea. I think this is like how you need to date men before you’re sure if you want to marry one of them (or perhaps, none of them.)


To help their customers to explore fragrances, Code Deco started Club Code Deco, a programme that gives us the opportunity to try more fragrances without having to purchase as many full-sized bottles.

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How does Club Code Deco work?


Every month, a box with three fragrances (3ml each) is curated and sent to Club Code Deco members. These may be fragrances that are already retailing in store, or are sneak previews of soon-to-be-launched fragrances.

But that’s not all. Every Club Code Deco box also comes with a “surprise” that can range from a rare vial of essential oil, a limited edition perfume, or even an invitation to a wine-tasting event. What’s most interesting to me is that you might be sent a sample of a specific ingredient that can be found in perfumes, so you can smell for yourself the ingredient in its purest form, which will in turn help you appreciate fragrances better.

Do we like it?

The surprise is hidden in the box.

The surprise is hidden in the box.

I was given the first box launched by Club Code Deco, which consisted of these three fragrances: Happy Blu, Blanc One, White Oud. The box also came with a welcome note and introduction to the “surprise” that’s hidden in the box. The surprise for the month was a vial of Pure Mysore Sandal oil, which is considerably the most precious of sandals. The introduction also taught me what to do with this essential oil: apply a little to pulse points on wrists for calming and harmonising effect. Sounds like what you’d want to do to relax on a crazy day!

I tried every fragrance in the box and the only one that found favour with me was White Oud, which I think I would wear on a day when I feel like going for a minimalistic style, think: white shirtdress, well-moisturised skin, and nothing more than a touch of lip balm.


I can’t really appreciate the essential oil (but this doesn’t mean you can’t), although I find it rather interesting to smell sandal in its purest form.

I’m not going to say that Club Code Deco is for everyone. At SGD45 per month (and you have to commit to at least three months of subscription), this box has a lot of work to do in terms of convincing its patrons of its value. The truth is some of us would find little value in it, but the ones that are truly going to appreciate it are those who wish to learn more about fragrances, are experimental with them, and whose 2016 resolution is to explore more fragrances; they will find the box a gem. I also think this will make a unique gift to someone who is still trying to figure out what her signature scent is or who wants to expand her fragrance collection. If you have a friend like this, you can consider making her a Club Code Deco member – she’ll love you for giving her a gift that lasts for three months.

To register, visit www.clubcodedeco.com.


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