We have a love-hate relationship with concealers. We can’t live without them because we can never seem to catch up with blemishes and the dreaded dark eye circles; yet, very often, concealers can sometimes emphasize creases on our skin, making us appear older than we are.

Enter the latest innovation by Benefit Cosmetics, Fake Up, which promises to deliver up to six hours of hydration, while being able to hide blemishes through skin-smoothing and light-diffusing technology.

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Concealer


The unique part to this product is the hydrating ring that is formulated with vitamin E and apple seed extract, both are known for their soothing capabilities and are often used in anti-ageing products.

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up1


How to use Fake Up?

To use it at your under eye, simply swipe it onto targeted area.

Then, using your ring finger, lightly tap on the formula to blend. Always use your ring to apply products around the eye because it is the weakest finger so it ensures least pressure to your eye area that is super delicate.

Besides covering under eye dark circles, you can also dot it on blemishes to conceal it.

Does Fake Up Work?

After trying it for about a month, I agree that it is indeed more hydrating than most other concealers I’ve tried. I like the smooth application it provides and how the colour blends easily into foundation, avoiding the “reverse raccoon” look (you know, how it appears like you have “white eye circles” in photos?)

See for yourself the effects. First picture indicates visibility of under eye circles before applying Fake Up, and last photo indicates the effect after applying it.

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Before And After

The tube packaging that works just like a lipstick also makes application a lot cleaner and easier. The coverage is also sufficient for me – I use it primarily to cover dark eye circles.

Fake Up retails at SGD38 and is available at all Benefit Cosmetics counters from 1 April 2013.