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Shouts of joy appear to be the common response we received when we shared about the new nail lacquer launch by Crabtree & Evelyn on Instagram. (Psst, follow us on Instagram if you haven’t!)

And we’re not surprised why.

The UK brand has been responsible for bringing us well-loved hand therapy solutions that are keeping our hands looking soft and healthy. The addition of a nail polish collection just seems to complete their work.


With 12 beautiful shades ranging from neutrals to darks, the collection features nail lacquers that are free from toxic chemicals that are commonly found in nail polish.


But I am wary of nail lacquers that claim to be “safe”. The last time I tried a product like this, the formula was thin, the lacquer peeled off after it dried, and it seems like the only thing great about it was that it was non-toxic.

However, putting the nail polish to the test dissolve the doubts. This is in Mica, a gorgeous shade that is great for glamorous dates, and look beautiful with just two coats. It applies really smoothly and leaves a nice sheen when dry. It also dries extremely fast – in approximately three minutes.

crabtree & evelyn nail polish mica

I also tried the nail polish in Snowdrop, which I seem to have less luck with. The formula appears to be a little harder to apply, so I need really steady hands to get it to look smooth and nice on the nails. However, like Mica, it dries really fast. Instead of using it on its own, I’d probably recommend using Snowdrop as an “embellishment”, e.g. if you want to create polka dots on your nails, on top of another nail polish shade.


But don’t be limited by these two shades that we’ve tried. See all 12 shades here:

What is also worth mentioning is the Nail Polish Remover Wipes that has also been launched. In a box packed with eight sachets, these are great for travel. Also, each wipe is formulated with a gentler, healthier soy-based formula that is nourishing and helps to condition nails and cuticles. It gives off no vapour and odour.

While your usual nail polish remover leaves nails and fingers feeling dry, this is greasy and removes nail polish easily. I’ve tried it with both Crabtree & Evelyn nail lacquers and other lacquers, and it works extremely well on both. While the grease on the hands mean that I have to wash my hands after removing the nail polish, I really like how the grease conditions my cuticles, leaving them looking healthy – something that I don’t get from regular nail polish removers.


The Crabtree & Evelyn nail lacquers retail at SGD13 each and the nail polish removers at SGD10 per box.