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Whether you’re intending to watch the movie or not, there’s no way you haven’t heard about the buzz that is Crazy Rich Asians. Breaking box office records and being a Hollywood movie that’s made up of an all-Asian cast in a long while, Crazy Rich Asians is in the headlines for all the right reasons.

But besides the cast, story line, and the fact that it’s set in Singapore (OMG!), let’s focus on something that few have talked about: the hair.

Thanks to an interview done by PopSugar with Heike Merker, the lead hair and makeup artist of Crazy Rich Asians, we get an insight of what she has done to make sure the cast sport the “high society look”.

Crazy Rich Asians Hair 1

Sharing with PopSugar about what has to be done to make the hair look “rich”, Merker says, “With the new money people, they wanted to show off more so we made the hair and makeup very over the top. We could not have done that with Nick Young (Henry Golding)’s family. That side had a more classic look. The hair was perfect, and we never used too much makeup on a daily basis unless there was a party — but even then it was as if someone came in and did it for them.”

How do you get rich-people hair?

Crazy Rich Asians Hair 2

And the secret to getting that “rich” look? Frequent haircuts.

According to Merker, “Rich hair is shiny. The ends are never dry. If you always cut your hair, the ends are always perfect.”

However, styling on set proves to be a challenge because of the humidity in this part of the world.

Crazy Rich Asians Hair 3

“It was too hot, and then the hair would straighten out pretty fast, even if you had the best curl and used lots of hairspray. It was nice when we could do [updos], but if there was a day where everyone had long straight or long curly hair, it was a disaster,” she says.

And her hairspray of choice: Fudge Skyscraper Medium Hold Hairspray, which she says keep hair strong, but soft.

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