No need for dentist endorsement or serious packaging, Japan’s leading toothpaste manufacturer, Sunstar, join hands with J-Pop sensation Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, to launch a limited edition Ora2 STAINCLEAR Dental Paste. This new edition of the brand’s bestseller toothpaste that’s designed for stain removal has three added flavours: Natural Mint, Apple Rose and Peach Leaf, and a cheery design that definitely makes dental care more fun.


But don’t be mistaken that it’s just a fun product that doesn’t deliver what it’s meant to do. The formula is said to contain high cleaning silica that can remove the first layer of plague and stains, as well as provide a polishing effect to make your teeth appear whiter. It also contains a stain control agent that gently dissolves any remaining stains and prevent stain build-ups.

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  1. Did it work?

Did it work?

I love how the refreshing apple flavour lingers in my mouth after brushing, which I’m sure will delight both children and adults alike.

Because of the lack of taste of menthol that I’m more used to in my usual toothpaste, it may make me wary about its effectiveness in preventing problems like cavity. But this being said, note that this toothpaste’s key function is stain removal, which I find it has performed decently, and Sunstar being a brand that has been in the business of oral care for the past 80 years give added confidence that beyond its funky appearance, it will get the job done too.

Finally, what’s worth mentioning is its Ora2 STAINCLEAR Mouth Wash that I had tried and really liked. It doesn’t have that overpowering, stinging sensation unlike most conventional mouth washes, making it a joy to use. The fruity flavour also leaves my breath feeling fresh for a long time. This is available in Natural Mint and Peach Leaf Mint.

Both the Ora2 STAINCLEAR Dental Paste and the Ora2 STAINCLEAR Mouth Wash at SGD 6.95 each. Both are available in selected Watsons stores.