This dip powder is a non-toxic alternative to nail polish. The way it’s applied is absolutely fascinating!

Kiara Sky Professional Nails launched their dip powders recently and it has taken the internet by storm. The odourless, non-toxic powders that give your nails gorgeous shades are also said to be filled with nail-nourishing vitamins. Besides being safe on nails, it’s also designed to apply faster than traditional nail polish. Is this going to be the future of nail colour?

You can apply the dip powders by dipping your finger into the pot or pouring the powder over your nails. The dip powders can last on nails for about three weeks, and you can remove it with regular acetone thereafter. We checked their website and counted 123 different shades of dip powders you can choose from. They range from glittery ones and pretty pastels, to safe pinks and bold shades.

Snapshot of some of the colours available.

Snapshot of some of the colours available.

The dip powders retail at USD14.99 each and what everyone is going crazy about is probably how it looks so easy to apply. The way it goes onto nails look almost magical. But don’t take our words for it – watch for yourself!

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