Sitting inconspicuously amongst a row of shops, it took me a while before I could locate the store. They are not to blame though, I was simply extremely tired from a long day at work; the store is extremely conveniently located at the entrance of Exit C of Toa Payoh’s MRT station.

This is a photo of d'skin's outlet in Heartland Mall.

This is a photo of d’skin’s outlet in Heartland Mall.

d’skin one of the leading skin treatment centres in Singapore, and offers a wide array of treatments available for customers to achieve long-lasting health for their skin. In fact, they even have their own range of products that are formulated in Japan and Europe. Using high-tech medical-grade equipment, as well as more than a decade of experience in perfecting its service and products, d’skin is definitely an expert in their field, I was very assured of their service quality.

Understanding my skin and choosing the right treatment

When I pushed opened the doors of the clinic, I was greeted by one of the friendly beauticians who ushered me to a quiet space in the clinic. I was asked to fill in a form for them to better understand the problems my skin was facing. The questionnaire included enquiries on any allergy I may have and I found that to be heartening because it made me feel that the beauticians were extremely careful with the products they were going to use on me.

pH Assessment

Photo © Vanessa Koh

D’skin is also one of the first skin treatment centres in Singapore to offer a pH level assessment. The standalone PC-powered skin assessment system is used to track the pH level as well as other important indicators such as hydration, sebum, elasticity and melanin. The importance of a machine that measures your skin’s pH level is to ensure that you achieve healthy skin and eliminate woes such as acne, wrinkles and even inflammation.

Having only moisturised my face about two hours ago, I expected to see the test reading favourably but this was not to be. It revealed that my skin was on the dry side. Given the copious amount of water I consume on a daily basis, I found this hard to believe but sadly, that was indeed true.

With that in mind, the beautician decided to switch the treatment from the initially planned Stem Cell Facial to the H.A.S Treatment which would target the problems my skin was facing a little more effectively.

What is the H.A.S Treatment?

The H.A.S Treatment features Hyaluronic Acid that has the ability to hold over a thousand times of its weight in water, providing maximum hydration for your skin. This was extremely useful for me given that my skin had just been slapped with the “dry” offence. It doesn’t help that the hazy weather makes hydrated skin an even more important trait for healthy skin. Thankfully, this treatment was able to help with hydrating and preserving the youthfulness of our skin through bio stimulation.

What is the facial like?

handwork & machines

The entire facial was truly a treat for the senses. Alternating between hand and machine, its efficacy and sensation were undoubtedly given a perfect combination.


Photo © Vanessa Koh

The therapist started off by cleansing my face from the dirt that I had accumulated in the day. This was followed by her colleague helping to remove the black and white heads on my face.


Photo © Vanessa Koh

Having done that, she used the purifying green mask to thoroughly cleanse the pores on my face.

photo rejuvenation

Using Photo Rejuvenation Therapy which provided the bio-stimulation benefit, the therapist applied the product on my face. Bio-stimulation is preferred over hand-work as the wavelengths delivered to your skin from the therapy stimulates and activates the absorption process deep within the skin layers, allowing for the generation of new skin cells.

Not to worry though, there is absolutely no pain involved. In fact, all I felt was a cooling sensation on my skin throughout the entire process. Women who have fine lines and acne scars on their faces will be glad to know that there will be immediate noticeable results after the procedures.

How was the treatment?

Photo © Vanessa Koh

While I do not have severe skin issues, blackheads around my T-zone as well as borderline dehydrated skin did not evade me. The facial left me extremely impressed and I can understand why d’skin has made a name for itself. The effects of the facial could be seen just after one session; my skin was visibly brighter, those pesky blackheads did not reveal itself till another week later and my skin was well-hydrated. In fact, I looked fresh enough to head home without any concealer. Having been so used to “hiding” behind the concealer-veil, this, to me, is a huge deal.

Location of d’skin clinics:

  • Heartland Mall,#02-133/135. Tel: 6282 7388
  • Novena Square,#03-03/13/14/15. Tel: 6252 5822
  • 520 Toa Payoh Central,#01-54. Tel: 6258 9388