ecorganics It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Keith and I made our way to Upper Thomson Road, where rows of bespoke shops and cafes sit. We went for a hair spa treatment, followed by ice-cream at the café – a great way to spend our weekend, if you ask me. Looks like such weekends are here to stay, as we begin our hair journey with our sponsor, Ecorganics, who will be taking care of our tresses in preparation of our wedding. Ecorganics isn’t your usual salon. Driven by a healthy-living philosophy, the founders made sure that all products used are plant-based, natural and organic. This means that even “aggressive” treatments like perms and dye are less harmful and detrimental to your hair. simply-organic And this is a point that I really value, because I think it’s ironic that in the bid of making our hair look more beautiful, we sometimes go through processes that damage it, and in turn, lose its natural beauty. At our first appointment, I went through the Anti-Aging Hair & Scalp Treatment, after a consultation with their head stylist, Eric Sun. Who would have thought our hair needs anti-ageing too, huh?

What’s The Anti-Aging Hair & Scalp Treatment?

This four-step treatment focuses on strengthening the hair so breakage and split ends are prevented, and at the same time it improves the scalp’s immunisation, hydration and resilience – all key elements to healthy-looking hair. It also protects the hair against daily environmental pollutants by restoring its natural defences. organic-ingredients Using ingredients like ginseng, tea tree, olive oil, aloe vera and argan, it is like a detox juice concocted for the tresses. The treatment begins with a deep cleansing process using the Teabase Detox Complex. While it is a fruit-based acidic complex, there wasn’t any stinging feeling at all, in fact, there was cooling sensation that’s really pleasant. Next, my hair was cleansed with the Anti-Aging Shampoo to remove the impurities from the previous step. Anti-Aging-Hair-&-Scalp-Treatment Then, the Anti-Aging Treatment is administered, together with the Infra-red O3 Steamer. This helps to reinforce and double up the treatment. Finally an Anti-Aging complex is sprayed onto my hair to lock in the goodness from the previous step. The result? My hair feels lighter, hydrated and smooth. My stylist helped to style my hair into soft curls and I noticed that the curls are super bouncy and my hair looked radiant. The shopping trip that followed this hair appointment proved that my locks looked great when I drew head-turns from women having their lunch. kristen-juliet-ecorganics

What’s The Scalp Therapy For Dry Scalp?

Scalp-Therapy-For-Dry-Scalp Keith went through the Scalp Therapy for Dry Scalp. Note that Ecorganics offers Scalp Therapy for different scalp problems – they’re essentially the same steps, but the experts at Ecorganics customise the products used according to the individual needs of the client. For the Scalp Therapy that Keith went through, it helps to rebalance his scalp’s pH level, and regenerate cell renewal in the scalp. This menthol, tea tree, bilberry fortified concoction also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Similar to my treatment, his started with a detox using the Teabase Detox Complex. The shampoo used for his treatment is the Herbal Care Shampoo that helps to purify his hair and scalp. Next, Keith’s hair was conditioned with the Teabase Aromatic Treatment, and finally, his hair was nourished with the Energize Complex that helps to lock in the nutrients from the previous step. Keith likes this treatment for the minty sensation (thanks to menthol!) in during the treatment. His scalp feels less dry and not flaky anymore. However, he notes that this is probably a treatment that you need to go for regularly in order to really get the dry scalp problem in check, because his scalp starts to flake again days after the treatment. keith-hair-cut-ecorganics But what stayed on for a longer time: the sleek haircut that Eric did for Keith. I think it makes him look younger and more alert. Definitely a good look to have as we get busy for the last bit of preparation towards the wedding.

The Anti-Ageing Treatment is available at SGD140, and the Scalp Treatment is at SGD88.

Ecorganics is located at 1 Thomson Ridge. It’s opened every day except Thursday, from 10am to 8pm. Call 6556-0521 for appointments.

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