We’ve often heard about how lymphatic flow affects our skin and how it is important to do lymph drainage or “flushing” to get rid of toxins from our body. According to many beauty therapists and aestheticians, lymph drainage is important because it carries away “stale lymph” from the face back into the bloodstream, where it is broken down and then go out of the system as wastes. This process ensures that pores are decongested and toxins are flushed out of our body system, which in turn help our skin look more radiant.

Besides this, lymph drainage can also help to reduce puffiness around the eyes and on the face, create a lifting effect on the skin, and help enhance the absorption of skincare products.

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To understand how lymph drainage works and whether we can really see obvious results afterwards, I visited EPI TREATZ, a facial studio that has five outlets in Singapore, and has been in operation since 2003. Their Manual Lymph Drainage Facial is their signature treatment and they’re the best person to speak to regarding this subject.

What is the Manual Lymph Drainage Facial like?

The session began with a consultation using a skin analysis system, where the therapist found out exactly what my skin condition and concerns were like. After a recommendation has been made for me, I’m ushered into a cosy room for the facial. The facial began with cleansing, using the KEITHZ Brightening Cleansing Foam. KEITHZ is a brand designed by EPI TREATZ so its products are optimised for their treatments, and are also suitable for Asian skin. The cleansing step helped remove dead skin cells gently so as to prepare the skin for the treatment that was about to start.

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Next, the Ultrasonic Pore Softening Therapy began. What’s interesting about this step is that instead of using hot steam to open up the pores for extraction, cool “air” is pumped onto the skin instead. The high-tech method still helps to achieve the same effect, without unnecessarily hurting the skin with heat in the process. The therapist then proceeded to remove blackheads and whiteheads to decongest the pores.

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Then, the highlight of the facial begins: the lymph drainage massage that is done by hand by the therapist. Called the “Miracle 4 Steps” by EPI TREATZ, the facial massage was firm, therapeutic and relaxing. My therapist did the massage on just one side of my face, and then proceeded to pass me a mirror to see the difference. I noticed that my jawline looked sharper, skin looked more radiant, and pores more refined.

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Finally, the KEITHZ Ultra Hydrating Oxygen Face Masque was applied on my skin to help to soothe and hydrate it. While the masque is applied, my therapist gave me a pampering shoulder and scalp massage, which was a wonderful way to end the session.

How I feel

epi treatz before and after

My skin looks more radiant and felt more taut and lifted after the facial session. My pores also looked a lot cleaner and more refined.

My skin looked a lot brighter, thanks to my therapist.

My skin looked a lot brighter, thanks to my therapist.

EPI TREATZ is located at #01-01 Eastwood Centre, #02-15 Leisure Park Kallang, #02-11 Rivervale Mall, #03-16 Orchard Central, and #02-14 HillV2. You can make an appointment with them through Mefitted.