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We’ve previously broke down the basics of clown contouring on Daily Vanity. We’ve also emphasised that clown contouring may not be the best way to contour on a day-to-day basis considering the amount of time taken, and products used to achieve the look. While powder contour and highlighting kits are the easiest to use and are most accessible, the powdered finish may make the end look appear unnatural.

estee lauder contouring kit review

Enter Estée Lauder’s New Dimension Eye and Face Shape + Sculpt Kits. It seems really promising considering all shades come in cream formula, which will make adding definition to your face look much more natural than using powder contour and highlighting kits. Furthermore, it’s quicker and easier to achieve!

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How to use Estée Lauder’s New Dimension Eye and Face Shape + Sculpt Kits

Check out this video to see how I applied the products on:

What we think

Both kits are fool proof – the shades and formula are very easy to apply and blend out. The matte brown eyeshadow in the eye kit is just the perfect shade to act as a natural contour to the eyes and it will probably be a great transition shade for any eyeshadow look. The contour shade in the face sculpting kit is the perfect brown shade to add warmth and definition to the face. The cream products just give your skin the “lit from within” look.

estee lauder

Arm yourself with a makeup sponge and some blending power, you’ll never go wrong! Each kit also comes with a diagram for you to follow to achieve a natural defined look. It only takes a maximum of three steps!

The Estee Lauder New Dimension Eye Shape + Sculpt Kit and Face Shape + Sculpt Kit retail at SGD60 and SGD68 respectively.

Other products in the New Dimension line


Along with the sculpting kits, Estée Lauder also released two skincare products, the New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum and the New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape that retails for SGD225 and SGD110 respectively. The Shape + Fill Expert Serum helps to plum and firm the areas on the face, restoring density, volume and definition of the skin.

As for the Liquid Tape, the reason why it’s named as such is because it leaves a very thin layer on areas that needs tightening and lifting- just like how it would be if you were to place a piece of tape on a surface. It acts as an instant firming product, where you’d be able to feel a tightening sensation within two minutes of application. The “tape” is so delicate, that it’s recommended for users to pat any product on top of it instead of smearing it so as to ensure that the tape doesn’t “break”.

These products are available at all Estée Lauder counters and boutique.

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