When it comes to skincare, one would naturally assume that medical clinics will be better equipped with the most advanced technology. But the truth is non-medical facial studios are not backward in the machines they use on their clients to help them achieve better skin.

One of these facial studios is Estetica, which has just launched the geneO+ Super Facial. This facial treatment integrates three cutting-edge technologies to give visible results after just one treatment.

Three technologies in one treatment


The geneO+ Super Facial is powered by three proven technologies – TripollarRF, OxyGeneo, and Ultrasound, and while I’ve received RF, oxygen infusion and ultrasound treatments before, I’ve never gone for one treatment that actually combines all these proven technologies in one session. Even more amazingly, these are all done using one equipment. While as a consumer, we probably won’t be as excited about powerful do-it-all machines, but we should be delighted that when therapists are able to do everything using one machine, it also means we can get the same benefits within a shorter time; since there’s no need for therapists to move different machines in and out of the treatment room.

How is the treatment delivered?

geneO+ super facial

As with most facials, the skin is cleansed thoroughly at the start of the treatment. Once it gets to the use of the geneO+ machine, it becomes interesting. First, the Tripollar RF is administered. This uses radio frequency that targets right into the dermal layer. The frequency is able to accelerate the metabolism of fat cell and increase regeneration of collagen to help tighten and firm skin. I felt a bit of warmth on my skin but it’s very comfortable.

Next, the OxyGeneo technology is administered. This technology offers three actions: exfoliation, infusing, and oxygenation. Instead of exfoliation through microdermabrasion, which can be irritating to skin that’s sensitive or thin, this uses the oxygenising effects of the machine to slough away dead skin cells. The same nozzle is also able to cleanse face and infuse the skin with nutrient-rich active ingredients, handpicked by your therapist according to your skin concerns.

At the same time, it stimulates the production of more oxygen-rich blood to the exfoliated area so that skin cell metabolises quickly. This is done when carbon dioxide molecules are generated and a physiological response called the “Bohr Effect” kicks in, leading to increased tissue oxygen along with increased blood flow. The last two steps gave a tingling sensation but once again, it was very bearable. In any case, take note that the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted by the therapist so when you are there, you only have to request for a lower intensity if it gets uncomfortable.

Finally, the very last step uses ultrasound to increase cellular metabolism and blood circulation. Ultrasound is also able to stimulate the absorption of active ingredients by the skin, a step that supports the infusion that was done previously.

How do I feel?

When I open my eyes once the facial was over, I could immediately feel that my skin felt taut, firm and lifted. Sure enough, when I checked my skin out from the mirror when I got up, I noticed that my laugh lines are less obvious, my pores looked more refined and my facial contour looked more lifted. My skin also felt soft, smooth, and looked very bright.

geneo+ facial estetica

The 90-minute geneO+ Super Facial is available at all Estetica Beauty Studios at SGD758. You can opt for either NeoRevive, if you need a hydration boost, or NeoBright, to lighten the look of pigmentation and brighten sallow complexion. geneO+ sessions are recommended to be done done once a week for at least four to six consecutive weeks, followed by monthly touch-ups for best results.