I walked to the brightly-lit Estetica outlet at Nex, and was greeted by a friendly receptionist who addressed me by name once I told her I have an appointment now.


Ushered to a consultation room, I met a therapist who gave me a skin analysis using test equipment. The Estetica Signature Facial was prescribed to me, and I was brought to a treatment room, where the branch manager came in to administer the treatment. This is also the facial treatment that Jesseca Liu, their ambassador, loves most.

I was told that the Estetica Signature Facial can only be performed by specifically-trained senior therapists, and features a 32-step facial acupressure massage that is developed by the founder of Estetica, Maggie Png.

This facial acupressure massage indeed sets the facial treatment apart from the others I’ve tried before. The massage focuses on facial acupressure points that really helped me relax totally. It wasn’t long before I fell asleep.


Besides the obvious relaxation function, the massage also helps to stimulate acupressure points and improve blood circulation. It boosts skin cellular metabolism, has a detoxifying and oxidative effect. The result? Skin that’s visibly more elastic, tighter and firmer, and the appearance of wrinkles diminished.

The products that were used for my facial treatment are from the phyto-stem cell range. This is designed specially for customers aged between 25 and 45, to prevent first signs of ageing.

During the treatment, my therapist noticed that I have a blemish on my right cheek and started examining it. She asked me for permission to extract it.

I was surprised because the blemish had been there for weeks, and I always thought that it  was a mark that was in the process of healing, except that it took longer than it usually would.

Nonetheless, I trusted the professionalism of my therapist and told her to do what she think would be best.

Fast forward a night’s rest, I woke up, noticing that that blemish was gone. Like, poof! No longer there, no longer popping up slightly – except for a faint dot that told me of its original position. This blemish subsequently cleared up on its own.

What I also noticed after the treatment, as well as the next day, was how smooth and bouncy my skin felt. Clogged pores were all cleared up and my skin looked healthy and radiant.

I am honestly impressed with the quality of the products and treatment. And as a bonus, I also had a good night’s rest that day, thanks to the very rejuvenating massage I had at the session.

The Estetica Signature Facial lasts for 120 minutes at SGD350. The list of nine Estetica outlets can be found here.