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After scheduling for an appointment with EstheClinic for their Glow To Go IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, I was invited for a video interview that would take place two days later. And this got me worried; my experience with IPL treatments is that, even if they claim to have no downtime, they will still make my skin flake and look red. Well, yes, usually I’ll still be able to head to work the next day, but I’ll look like I’m suffering from a very bad sunburn.


I read through the press materials that were sent to me prior to the appointment, which makes the claim of a truly “zero pain” experience. But I was still worried, I asked EstheClinic several times whether my face was going to look red and flaky after the session, and that if this was going to happen, I’d rather reschedule the treatment so that my face will look fine at the interview.


EstheClinic confidently assured me that nobody would be able to tell that I’ve gone through an IPL treatment on my face after the session. The only difference I’ll see is a more radiant complexion. Seeing how confident they were, I trusted them with my face.

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Is there really no pain and no downtime?


The therapist applied no numbing cream on my face before the treatment, and as such, I admit I was bracing myself for some pain. But to my surprise, while there was some tingling feeling, there wasn’t any significant pain at all. In fact, as the treatment proceeded, the discomfort becomes so negligible, I swear I could have fallen asleep if I were especially tired that day.

Sure enough, when the treatment was done, there wasn’t any redness or flaking on my skin, nor in the days to come.

How did EstheClinic do it?

GlowToGo IPL_2

“This is unlike any IPL face treatments I’ve done!” was my first comment to them when I came out from the room.

And of course it isn’t. I later found out that EstheClinic uses their own patented equipment for all their beauty services. Hailing from France, and with several outlets all over Europe, EstheClinic made Singapore its first destination in Asia, and has also brought along several of their cutting-edge equipment. In France, they are also a distributor of these equipment, including medical-grade ones that only doctors can administer.

The Glow To Go IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment uses the MacPeel technology which, unlike traditional IPL that delivers a high level of energy in one zap, gradually raises the heat of the dermis to the temperature that is optimal for cellular rejuvenation. This is how they make sure that the experience is comfortable, and clients won’t be going through that painful “rubber band-snapping” sensation that conventional IPL technologies are known for.

On top of this, the technology also uses photorejuvenation methods to induce controlled wounds on the skin, and this in turn prompts the skin to heal itself by creating new cells. By emitting high intensity pulses of light in several passes over the skin, it promotes increased collagen production to smoothen and refine skin, visibly shrink enlarged pores and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Did I enjoy the session?

I am very impressed by how absolutely pain-free the treatment was, and how fast the session was; the treatment was completed on my entire face within 20 minutes, which is approximately twice as fast as conventional IPL treatments. This means that you can certainly consider this for a lunchtime skin fix.

Most importantly, true to what it promises, the treatment really didn’t present any downtime at all. My skin looked radiant and my pores appeared significantly refined immediately. My skin progressively became more radiant in the next few days, and I was very happy with the results.


I love that EstheClinic has huge treatment rooms.

As a less critical, but interesting point, I really liked how spacious the treatment rooms were. Usually, aesthetics clinics and beauty salons have rather small treatment rooms that can only accommodate a bed, a basin, a cabinet and barely enough space for the therapist. But EstheClinic in Singapore retains the style of their clinics in Europe, which offer spacious rooms. This means that the therapist will have more room to maneuver, and the client feels more relaxed and comfortable.

Estheclinic facade

EstheClinic is located at Tras Street.

EstheClinic is located at 72 Tras Street. The Glow To Go IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is available at SGD220 per session, or SGD1100 for six sessions, and SGD1650 for ten sessions. It is also available for the hands and neck area, with prices starting at SGD100 per single session, SGD540 for six sessions and SGD750 for ten sessions. A series of six to eight sessions once every three to four weeks is recommended for optimal results.

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